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EV Code Signing for Windows 10

EV Code Signing for Windows 10

GlobalSign now Approved EV Code Signing Vendor for Windows 10 Hardware Signing

We’re pleased to announce that GlobalSign Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificates can now be used to sign kernel-based modules in the Windows Hardware Developer Center Dashboard Portal.  EV Code Signing Certificates build on the existing benefits of standard Code Signing Certificates by requiring a greater level of vetting and cryptographic hardware requirements leading to enhanced security for some of the most crucial services running on Microsoft Windows. 

Windows 10 Mandates using EV Code Signing Certificates

Windows 10 CompatibleWith the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has made it mandatory that all new Windows 10 kernel mode drivers must be submitted to and digitally signed by the Windows Hardware Developer Center Dashboard Portal. More importantly the portal will only accept driver submissions, including both kernel and user mode driver submissions that have a valid EV Signing Certificate. 

While use of the Windows Hardware Developer Center Dashboard Portal is optional on older versions of Windows, the portal will require an EV Code Signing Certificate, no matter what version of Windows you intend to support. Any code previously signed with a Microsoft cross-signing certificate will continue to work on older versions of Windows such as Vista, 7, or 8.The addition of GlobalSign to the list of accepted providers gives developers more choice in selecting an EV Code Signing Certificate.

More benefits of EV Code Signing Certificates include:

  • Strict vetting process, making it more difficult for malware developers to impersonate and obtain code signing credentials.

  • Certificate is stored on a cryptographic USB Token In a non-exportable format, increasing the difficulty for a party to steal or copy the private key.

  • Immediate reputation with Microsoft SmartScreen, so no alarming warnings will be presented to the downloader.

  • Mandatory time stamping.

  • Compatible with all major platforms, and able to sign an unlimited number of apps.

Visit our EV Code Signing page for more information, or talk to a product expert now to get started with EV Code Signing.

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