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Enhancing Security in Your DevOps Pipelines with HashiCorp Vault-Atlas Plugin

Enhancing Security in Your DevOps Pipelines with HashiCorp Vault-Atlas Plugin

Organizations that have embraced a DevOps culture to their software development process encourages development teams to break down organizational silos and adopt automation to maximize efficiencies when deploying software.  

According to the GitLab 2022 Global DevSecOps survey, 35% of developers are releasing code twice as fast, and 15% are releasing code between three and five times faster. Around 60% acknowledged code is moving into production at a much faster rate 

As more enterprises are building software for the cloud, infrastructure has become short-term and opens itself up to more security threats. With various applications, systems and endpoints to secure, application data must also be protected from malicious attacks, driving the need for dynamic secrets management.  

Secrets management can be a tedious job to keep up, add key rolling, secure storage, and detailed audit logs into the mix it is almost impossible without a custom solution.  

What is HashiCorp Vault? 

HashiCorp Vault is a dynamic identity-based security solution that leverages trusted sources of identity to keep secrets and application data secure. The Vault provides a single user interface to manage secrets and is the most used tool to do so in cloud deployment.  

What are the Benefits of the Vault? 

  • Dynamic Secrets Management - Centrally stores, access, and distributes dynamic secrets such as tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys. This central management helps to reduce secrets sprawl and enables Vault users to requests secrets, such as X.509 certificates. 

  • Secure Secret Storage – Any secret stored in Vault is encrypted. Vault encrypts these secrets prior to writing them to persistent storage, meaning even if someone gets access to the raw storage they still will not be able to access your secrets. 

  • Data Encryption – Vault keeps application data secure with centralized key management and simple APIs for data encryption. 

  • Leasing and Renewal – All secrets stored in Vault have a “lease” associated with them. At the end of a lease, Vault will automatically revoke that secret. Leases can be renewed via built in renew APIs. 

  • Secret Revocation – Vault’s embedded support for secret revocation enables users to revoke single secrets as well as a tree of secrets.  

  • Secure DevOps CI/CD Pipelines - Utilizing Atlas automation capabilities and APIs, DevOps teams are able to secure applications, and any phase of the CI/CD pipeline. 

How Does the Vault Connect with Atlas? 

Atlas is a high-availability, high-throughput certificate management engine which automates and simplifies how organisations use digital certificates. With the integration to Atlas, we have established interoperability with Vault that allows users to request, issue and revoke certificates. 

Securing Services Using GlobalSign’s Trusted Certificates  

Our integration with Vault enables DevOps teams to secure their servers and deploy trusted digital certificates from a public Certificate Authority.  

  • Secure your Apache Web Server through HashiCorp Vault and Ansible Playbook. 

Developers can secure a domain name using an Ansible playbook template. Through the Hashicorp Vault – Atlas plugin, developers can secure their Apache web server by writing a ‘playbook’ where they can request GlobalSign certificates from Atlas, via Hashicorp Vault.  

  • Secure your Jenkins Pipeline through HashiCorp Vault. 

Through it’s integration with Vault, Jenkins users can secure their CI/CD pipelines using GlobalSign’s certificates.  

  • Securing Kubernetes services with Ingress 

DevOps teams can secure environments with Ingress via Kubernetes certificate management tool (cert-manager). Users can automate their GlobalSign certificates requests from Atlas using the Hashicorp Vault - Cert-Manager Plugin.  

  • Securing Containers using GlobalSign’s Hashicorp Vault - Atlas plugin. 

By using GlobalSign certificates, issued from Atlas, applications and programs can be digitally signed  to secure containers and the code they run on. 

To find out more about the Atlas Certificate Provider Plugin for HashiCorp Vault and how it can secure your DevOps processes without slowing them down, click here.  

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