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Cyber Criminals Don't Take Holidays, You Need a Solution That Doesn't Either

Cyber Criminals Don't Take Holidays, You Need a Solution That Doesn't Either

In an age where the internet dominates our business, cybercrime is an inexhaustible threat. At a  time of year when businesses are often functioning at reduced capacity due to personnel vacations, cybercriminals are often instead gearing up for their busiest time of the year. With the globalized network of documents and devices in the modern day, the stakes are even higher; a breach can mean the loss of not just data, but also trust—a currency essential to any digital presence. 

The foundation of any robust cybersecurity strategy begins with a solid digital identity. To ensure the security of that identity, it’s imperative that your security solutions be as relentless in protection as cybercriminals are in their attacks. To ensure the safety of your online data, you should be relying on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to keep your online identities safe. Through automated PKI solutions, you can maintain the importance of trust in certificate management and form the base of an ever-present, secure online presence—ensuring your digital identity is secure 365 days a year.

The Ever-Present Cyber Threat

A consequence of taking our lives into an online space that’s always active means that any threats are too. Cyber criminals are opportunists, and the summer, when many employees are away on vacation, is  a prime time for exploitation. While businesses wind down, hackers ramp up, capitalizing on reduced staffing and relaxed vigilance. There is a significant spike in cyber attacks during festive periods, with attackers targeting vulnerable systems and unsuspecting users.

For businesses, the results of a breach can be devastating. A data leak or shutdown of systems can easily cascade into a series of losses, from critical confidential information to customer trust. The repercussions include financial damage and undermining years of built trust and reputation.

In order to protect your assets, it’s integral to have a secure digital identity with firm security solutions that can maintain the authenticity of your sites and certificates even when you’re not around to manage them. Through automated management of your endpoints and certificates, you can have peace of mind even on your days off.

Understanding PKI and its Importance

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a framework that establishes a level of trust within a network by using a set of policies and software needed to create digital certificates and manage public-key encryption. PKI is an essential cornerstone of internet security, and how you utilise it to protect your online identity is essential learning for protecting your organization 365-days a year.

The importance of PKI lies in its ability to secure various digital transactions and communications over networks. Here are some key points that highlight its significance:

  • Authentication: PKI enables the authentication of user identities. Digital certificates ensure that the entity you are communicating with is indeed who they claim to be.
  • Encryption: Through the use of public and private keys, PKI ensures that data transmitted over the network is encrypted and can only be decrypted by the intended recipient, thereby maintaining confidentiality. 
  • Integrity: Digital signatures are used to verify that the data has not been altered in transit. This ensures the integrity of the data being communicated or stored.
  • Non-repudiation: PKI provides mechanisms such as digital signatures which make it difficult for the sender to deny having sent a message, thus ensuring accountability.

In an era where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated, PKI plays a crucial role in protecting sensitive information and securing online transactions. It is widely used in various applications, including secure email, electronic commerce, and confidential communications. 

Digital Identity as the First Line of Defense

In the online space, identity is a currency. For businesses, safeguarding this currency means protecting not just their own identity, but also that of their clients. Digital identity verification is an increasingly important security measure that is a fundamental part of maintaining a business’s integrity. With an increasing number of identities to manage, and in the age where remote work demands a higher level of authentication, you need a solution that’s always present. As a trusted and recognized Certificate Authority (CA), GlobalSign can maintain and authenticate your digital identity – ensuring that your customers can rely on your business to be who you say you are.

GlobalSign is a CA trusted around the world, meaning that every communication, and every exchange is anchored in trust. Through our Atlas digital identity platform, you can automate the management of your certificates across an array of identities, from IoT devices to secure digital signatures. Automation is the key to maintaining your security through the holidays, making sure that your security options are maintained even without oversight, and without the human error that comes with manual certificate renewal.

Automation: The Key to Constant Protection

The landscape of cyber threats is vast and ever-changing. To keep pace with this dynamic environment, automation is not just beneficial—it’s essential. Nowadays, automated security solutions are at the cutting edge, providing continuous protection without the need for constant human intervention.

From automated certificate issuance to renewal and revocation, automated solutions are designed to respond in real-time to threats and changes in the security landscape. This proactive approach means that vulnerabilities can be addressed swiftly, often before they can be exploited. Automation is a critical component of a robust security strategy that operates round-the-clock. Automation means you can rest easy knowing that your company is secure and worthy of your customers trust.

Improving Your Digital Security Through Certificate Automation Manager

Why You Should Avoid Manual Management

Manual certificate management can be fraught with risks, including human error, oversight, and the sheer complexity of tracking numerous certificates. These challenges can lead to expired certificates, system outages, and security breaches.

Enacting Automated Solutions

This is where Certificate Automation Manager comes into play – providing a safety net that can affirm your digital identity and keep certificates provisioned efficiently and at scale. Certificate Automation Manager answers the challenges of certificate management while allowing the flexibility for you to meet your organization’s needs through customizable policies and support for a variety of integrations for other tools like S/MIME and ACME.

Maintaining Year-Round Security

The necessity of robust, uninterrupted digital security cannot be overstated in today’s cyber landscape. Cyber criminals do not take holidays, and neither should your digital security solutions. The blog concludes by stressing the importance of maintaining constant vigilance and adopting comprehensive security solutions that can keep pace with evolving threats. It encourages businesses to consider GlobalSign as their trusted partner in digital security, offering solutions that ensure peace of mind and protection against cyber threats around the clock.

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