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Cloud Security – Here’s Something We Can All Agree On!

Cloud Security – Here’s Something We Can All Agree On!

Cloud Security – Here’s Something We Can All Agree On!

The world is getting increasingly complex. From professional sports to politics, it seems there’s no one thing on which people can agree. For many issues, there’s often no black or white – everyone has an opinion. And while that’s the case for most things, sometimes there are exceptions to the rule.

Staying safe in an increasingly dangerous cyber world is one of those issues…

There’s an incredible amount of digital transformation taking place – it’s everywhere. And this is transforming the business world, with companies going digital to boost efficiencies, save money and increase market leadership. By some estimates, the cloud marketplace will surpass $400 billion/£300 billion by end of this decade. And why not? For the most part, it makes life easier. But as with everything – there’s a catch. In this case, it’s the growing number of increasingly complex cyber attacks awaiting you.

At GlobalSign, one of our core missions is to keep your business safe during this dangerous time. We always stress to customers they must prepare to be agile in their security strategy. As hackers and cyber criminals work harder to steal and compromise information, you need to be ready for whatever comes next.

This is especially true for the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) – the set of policies, roles and procedures necessary to create, manage, and store or revoke digital certificates – as well as manage public-key encryption. GlobalSign solutions empower you to automate and manage PKI – enabling teams to quickly respond to threats and deploy identities, and secure websites/networks. This level of control allows for protection of key intellectual property, brand reputation and ensures safety of corporate resources.

It’s this very issue we’ll be exploring at this week’s Cloud and Cyber Security Expo 2019,  taking place at the Excel London Convention Center on March 12-13. At the show, GlobalSign’s Technology Partner Manager, Mike Boyle, and Sebastian Schultz, Sales Engineer, will take a look into PKI and the need for Crypto Agility. Their discussions  will help attendees understand the basics of PKI and the benefits of being crypto-agile for automating digital identity issuance.

If you’re attending the event, please drop by and listen to our session, “Understanding the Role of PKI and Crypto Agility for Identity and Authentication” on Tuesday, March 12 at 11:25 am – in the “Security of Things Theatre” at the Excel London Convention Center.

Or why not stop by the stand and see how GlobalSign can help protect your business? We’ll be there to answer all your questions at Stand No. S4632. If you’re unable to attend, but would like to receive a copy of our talk, fill out the form here.

The cyber universe is moving at unprecedented speeds and companies must stay ahead of the game – ensuring they have the policies, procedures and technology to keep business protected.

Learn more about how you can manage and automate PKI with GlobalSign:

We look forward to welcoming you to the stand for a coffee and a chat!

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