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Celebrating 25 Years of GlobalSign - All Eyes on Molly

Celebrating 25 Years of GlobalSign - All Eyes on Molly

This year we’re celebrating GlobalSign’s 25th anniversary since its founding in 1996. Each month in 2021, we’ll be introducing you to a member of the GlobalSign team – representing countries from all over the globe, departments from Product Management to Compliance to Customer Support, and with years of service from one to 25…these are the people working hard behind the scenes to bring industry-leading PKI and identity solutions to the world.

Without further ado, let’s meet Molly Ellwood!

GS: What is your role here at GlobalSign?
Molly: I am a Marketing Generalist and the Chairman of the Staff Information Consultation Committee.

GS: How long have you worked for GlobalSign?
Molly: I have been at GlobalSign for 2 years now.

GS: Where do you call home?
Molly: I live in the UK, right on the tip of the Kentish coast in a lovely seaside town called Margate.

all eyes on molly_margate UK snapshot.png

GS: How would you describe the GlobalSign culture in one word?
Molly: Inclusive.

GS: What makes GlobalSign unique?
Molly: I think our culture and collaborative nature makes GlobalSign seem like a lot smaller company than it is. I feel like I can reach out and talk to anyone.

GS: Is there a year that stands out in your mind from your tenure at GlobalSign?
Molly: 2019

GS: Can you share one of your most memorable moments from that year?
Molly: I started at GlobalSign in February 2019, in my first two weeks I went on a trip to our Belgium office for the Annual Sales Kick-off and stayed in London for a trade show at the ExCeL! It was very exciting and a great way to get to know my colleagues.

GS: What would you consider your biggest work accomplishment so far?
Molly: I think my biggest accomplishment was setting up the new Spanish and Portuguese websites. It was a mammoth task, and as a result, we now have localized websites that are responsive and offer a better user experience.

GS: There have been plenty of changes in the CA and identity services industry over the course of the last two-and-a-half decades. What’s one of the most significant changes you’ve witnessed during your time with the company?
Molly: Even in the two years I have been at the company, there have been some major changes. I think the biggest is probably Apple, Google, and Mozilla enforcing a 1-year expiration limit on SSL certificates.

GS: What security tip have you learned since working at GlobalSign that you didn’t know before you started?
Molly: I have now set up two-factor authentication for all my online accounts and saved everything in a password manager. It’s not only peace of mind that my accounts are less likely to get hacked but also a lot easier than trying to remember loads of passwords! I recommend all my friends and family to do it now.

GS: What’s something you’re working on right now that you can’t wait to share with others?
Molly: I am always trying to come up with more interactive and creative designs, so all the projects coming are super cool, including all of the things I am doing for our 25th Anniversary.

GS: What makes you most excited about the future of tech/security?
Molly: I think in general I am excited that the public are becoming more aware of cybersecurity… also self-driving cars are pretty cool.

GS: What does GlobalSign’s 25th Anniversary mean to you?
Molly: Since I am also turning 25 this year, it feels quite significant to be celebrating with the whole GlobalSign team. Here’s to the next 25!

Indeed. Thanks, Molly, and wishing you a happy and cyber-secure start to your 25th year. We’re lucky to have you on the team!

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