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GlobalSign’s Bug Bounty Program

GlobalSign’s Bug Bounty Program

GlobalSign is one of the world's largest identity service companies providing cloud-based, highly scalable PKI solutions. GlobalSign is trusted by software suppliers, browsers, operating system vendors and governments.

This makes GlobalSign a high-interest target for criminal organizations and nation-state actors. To maximize security resilience against any such attacks, GlobalSign has been successfully running a bug bounty program on since mid-2021 to have additional and independent insights in their perimeter security posture. The creative approach from thousands of researchers continuously hunting for vulnerabilities and grant bounties for results, is a major benefit to the company and its customers. The bug bounty program is now public and with over thirty domains in scope.

GlobalSign’s Atlas Added to Bug Bounty Scope

GlobalSign’s next-generation high-speed cloud Certificate Management Platform, Atlas, has been added to the scope of the program.

Researchers from around the globe are welcome to join our public program, hunt for vulnerabilities, and earn bounties up to €3,000! You can find GlobalSign amongst the other public programs here.

About Intigriti – Agile Security Testing Powered by the Crowd

Intigriti is a rapidly growing cybersecurity company that specializes in crowdsourced security services to help organizations protect themselves from cybercrime.

Their industry-leading bug bounty platform enables companies to tap into their global community of ethical hackers, who use their expertise to find and report vulnerabilities to protect businesses.

A lot of organizations including Intel, Yahoo! and Red Bull trust the platform to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches. With cybersecurity becoming an increasingly important issue, Intigriti’s range of complementary security testing services have been designed to help companies of all sizes keep their digital assets secure.

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