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25 Years of GlobalSign - All Eyes on Luiza

25 Years of GlobalSign - All Eyes on Luiza

This year we’re celebrating GlobalSign’s 25th anniversary since its founding in 1996. Each month in 2021, we’ll be introducing you to a member of the GlobalSign team – representing countries from all over the globe, departments from Product Management to Compliance to Customer Support, and with years of service from one to 25…these are the people working hard behind the scenes to bring industry-leading PKI and identity solutions to the world.

Today we are featuring Luiza Rocha Maciel Dias, who will be leading the GlobalSign team in Brazil. We are thrilled to be the first Certificate Authority with a full-service office in Brazil – learn more about this exciting new venture in today's press release and if you're local to the region, you can follow along on LinkedIn for updates. 

GS: What is your role here at GlobalSign?

Luiza Rocha Maciel Dias: Director President Globalsign Brasil

GS: How long have you worked for GlobalSign?

LD: 6 years.

GS: Where do you call home?

LD: Brazil is where I call home. Although I have a deep affection for the years spent in the United States, both in New Hampshire and in Florida, it is in Brazil that I feel in my best version and, with the opening of the GlobalSign office here, the feeling was complete!

GS: What is the best part of your job?

LD:  People. I've always loved relating to people, meeting new people all the time, planning, creating and executing as a team, it's wonderful. In addition, being in constant contact with our customers and suppliers, being able to learn from them and also passing on all the knowledge acquired in these years at GlobalSign is extremely rewarding.

GS: How would you describe the GlobalSign culture in one word?

LD: Synergy.

GS: What makes GlobalSign unique?

LD: Our wonderful team and our constant desire to always be better, to excel. GlobalSign is not content with the standard, it is always striving for excellence.

GS: Is there a year that stands out in your mind from your tenure at GlobalSign?

LD: 2021. It was an absurdly challenging year. Whether because of the global pandemic that changed the lives of all people and companies so much, when we had to reinvent ourselves, but especially because of the opening of the office in Brazil. It was a big step for the company, which I believe will bring us incredible opportunities, and it brings me enormous personal satisfaction to be ahead of this project that requires constant evolution and dedication.

GS: Can you share one of your most memorable moments from that year?

LD: The day I walked into our current BR office for the first time. When I looked into space and saw that a dream was born there, which awakened in me a feeling of enormous achievement, and I was able to see that a very victorious future awaited us.

GS: What would you consider your biggest work accomplishment so far?

LD: The evolution I had within the company. From my first position until reaching the role of Director President of GlobalSign in Brazil. This position makes me very proud, it was many years of hard work, constant dedication and believing together with the company that it was possible. We achieved. And now I'm sure we'll fly even higher, and experience more victorious flights.

GS: What security tip have you learned since working at GlobalSign that you didn’t know before you started?

LD: An effective technology solution is essential, but it is not enough without a strong security culture and policies in place. My tip is: Associate with a company that invests in you, in your learning, in gaining knowledge and support on your journey. With that you will have a real partner.

GS: What makes you most excited about the future of tech/security?

LD: Its indispensability. There is no way to think about the future of technology without thinking about the need for secure means. And this opens up a huge range of paths and possibilities for us. This certainty that we will only evolve and do even better excites me every day, as we will always manage to serve everyone with excellence.

GS: What does GlobalSign’s 25th anniversary mean to you?

LD: It also means a part of my personal history. It means success, excellence in the work provided and so much learning. It is wonderful to see the company achieve this milestone and to be sure that I will still learn and achieve so much alongside this impeccable team.

Thank you for all of your hard work that has made today's announcement possible. Wishing you and the entire Brazil team the best as you chart this new path forward for GlobalSign!

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