Cloud-Based Access Control

Access control for cloud services such as Salesforce & SharePoint


Compatible Cloud Services

GlobalSign Digital Certificates enable two-factor authentication for secure access to a number of popular cloud services. These services are natively compatible with certificate-based authentication, so there is little effort needed to implement.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Organizations using Amazon Web Services should not rely on passwords alone to control access to proprietary information like application and game development or data and media storage. Implementing two-factor authentication using Digital Certificates means users will need an appropriately configured certificate to access AWS, significantly reducing the risk of a breach

Google Apps

Google Apps

Google Apps is easily configured for two-factor authentication using Digital Certificates. Google accounts can be configured to restrict access to only devices or users that fit a certain profile, such as organization name.

There are no tokens necessary and minimal involvement needed from the end user. Once the certificate is installed on the end user's computer, it is automatically located when the user tries to access Google Apps.

Only users with appropriately configured certificates can access the account.

See what's involved with the implementation:

Download Google Apps Solution Guide


Enabling two-factor authentication for SharePoint means only users with appropriately configured certificates can gain access, which can be restricted based on employee role, department, and other criteria.

GlobalSign's Auto Enrollment Enterprise Gateway acts as a connection between the GlobalSign CA and an organization's Windows environment, allowing organizations to leverage existing Active Directory information to auto enroll and silently install certificates used to two-factor authenticate to SharePoint sites.



Enabling a second authentication factor for Salesforce is essential to protect your organization's confidential data. Digital Certificates offer a cost-effective and easy to manage solution without the hassle of additional security tokens or hardware. Once the certificate is installed, Salesforce will automatically look for the certificate on the user's machine and only grant access if it has been configured properly.