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World IoT Day – Looking Back at the Internet of Things

World IoT Day – Looking Back at the Internet of Things

When we think of the Internet of Things, there’s not a lot that we can’t connect to the internet today. Your fridge, toaster, home security, cars, kids toys and even electrical razor are now all potential IoT devices. With every new device comes a new security risk. These risks are not just enveloped by the end-users, IoT providers and manufacturers are at risk too.

In some of our top IoT posts, we discuss various threats and solutions to this new security challenge.

IoT Threats

Closed for Business - The Impact of Denial of Service Attacks in the IoT

You may have heard some of the many news stories which shed light on the vulnerabilities in IoT devices that can be exploited by hackers. Many devices are made without deploying suitable PKI or Identity and Access Management Solutions. This has led to stories such as the Wifi Barbie being hacked and used to spy on our own children. In this blog Regional Marketing Manager, Lea Toms looks specifically at denial of service attacks in the IoT. Find out more here.

The Rise of Thingsbots

A botnet is a network of systems, combined together with the purpose of remotely taking control and distributing malware. Controlled by botnet operators via Command-and-Control-Servers (C&C Server), they are used by criminals on a grand scale for many things: stealing private information, exploiting online-banking data, DDos-attacks, or for spam and phishing emails. In this blog post Lea Toms, we look out how thingbots can impact the IoT. Click here for more.

Beware! Data and Identity Theft in the IoT

While the Internet of Things may make our lives easier, the security considerations are sometimes an afterthought and are sacrificed to get a product to market faster. It isn’t just DDoS attacks and Wi-Fi hacking that is an issue to the IoT. Data and identity theft has also been a major concern. In a continuation of our series of threats to the IoT, Lea Toms looks this time at how data theft can be the biggest threat to your business security. Read more here.

IoT Security Solutions

Building Secure IoT Ecosystems from the Top Down

There are a wide variety of approaches for how to identify devices and also how devices authenticate to services. Ultimately the mechanisms your organization chooses to implement will be and should be driven from more top level strategy and perspective. ice President of Product Management, Lancen LaChance writes this post for organizations who want to leverage the IoT ecosystem. Learn more here.

GlobalSign and Infineon Secure Device Identity at Scale Proof of Concept

At 2016’s RSA Conference, GlobalSign teamed up with Infineon to show attendees how you can securely authenticate to and control hardware from a laptop using GlobalSign’s Cloud Based High-Volume Certificate Management Tool and Infineon’s OPTIGA Trusted Platform Module. This demo shows how easy it is for manufacturers and providers to address privacy and integrity needs in the Internet of Things ecosystem. Watch the video here.

PKI's Role(s) in Securing the IoT

The impact of the Internet of Things on our day to day lives is incredible. IoT key players, including platform providers and device manufacturers take a look at PKI. It's a tried and true standard that's been securing the connections between servers, machines and devices for years and it seems like a natural fit. In this blog by Lancen LaChance, he looks at the traditional information security principles for the IoT. Read more here.

4 Major Considerations for your PKI for IoT Deployment

The massive and diverse nature of IoT deployments brings a slew of new considerations to the table regarding how to actually implement Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) on a high-scale. Manufacturers and providers are under pressure to implement security and authentication into devices after stories that the IoT is vulnerable to attack. In another post by Lancen LaChance, he looks at four considerations before deploying PKI into your IoT ecosystem. Read more here.

Capturing the New Value Propositions of Privacy, Trust and Security in IoT

Recognizing a need for privacy and security best practices for the growing number of consumer IoT devices, the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) established the IoT Working Group in January 2015, which released a draft Internet of Things Trust Framework. In these guidelines there are regulations for IoT manufacturers, developers and retailers to follow when designing, creating, adapting and marketing connected devices in two key categories: home automation and consumer health and fitness wearables. This webinar, delivered by Madelon Smith, VP, Director of Strategic Initiatives of the OTA and Lancen LaChance, VP Product Management for GlobalSign, discussed practical IoT security methods you can begin implementing today. Click here to watch it now.

If you’re concerned about the security risk of the IoT and want to discuss solutions with a member of the GlobalSign team then contact us today.

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