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How to Ensure a Successful IAM Project

How to Ensure a Successful IAM Project

Identity and access management (IAM) projects can be quite complex and there are many reasons why projects may fail. We've been developing IAM solutions for over a decade now and have a great track record of delivering successful IAM projects for our customers. It's time to share our success with you.

GlobalSign deals with external identities, web SSO, federation, and strong authentication. Sure, you can use our products to implement enterprise SSO, as some of our customer have done. What we've seen during the past years is that when an organization decides they need IAM, they usually are way out of their comfort area. Quite a few times, they realize that in order to launch a new online service they need IAM to go along with it, because of regulatory compliance, requirement for strong authentication, or the need to efficiently manage access policies and identities of thousands of customer organizations and users. The reasons are many. 

If the IAM requirement comes at a late stage of the launch of the new service, the customer usually has to postpone the launch date. If IAM is taken into account at the early stages, the requirement specification list can be as thick as the manual for operating an aircraft - every situation and contingency must be taken into account. And, of course, some very unique requirements ends up in the specification. After requirement specifications are approved, the deployment project starts. Depending on the chosen IAM solution, it can be fairly straightforward, or time consuming and complex. If a unique requirement needs to be implemented, it might require some pretty intensive custom software development. 

What we've seen though in our years of successfully delivering IAM solutions is that the major requirements are almost always the same for every project:

-Register the end user/customer
-Grant access privileges (roles)
-Implement and enforce the appropriate authentication mechanisms
-Delete the end user/customer after contract expires

This is a major simplification, but does apply to almost all IAM deployments. 

To avoid or minimize the risk of failure in IAM projects, we've put our 10+ years of experience into good use. Our on-premise installations can be configured to meet the weirdest customer requirements possible, but this will require a lengthy process of discovering all the requirements, then buying the hardware & software, installing, configuring and then deploying it. What if you could buy a pre-configured IAM package which implements best practices? You would have a price indication and the length of the process early on, time-to-market would be cut considerably, and you would have an option of adjusting the IAM solution later on to meet the fringe requirements if necessary.

We branded this GlobalSign IAM-Easy™. It is a delivery model where our customer can very quickly get an IAM solution up-and-running, including all the required installations, CRM integration, and service integrations. No more failures with IAM, or budgets that get overrun, or postponed delivery dates. We've done this already, and our customers were able to get their IAM solution deployed to their new service in a very short timeframe.

If you need IAM, trust us, we know what we're doing. Learn more about GlobalSign's IAM solution.

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