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Answering Your Management Platform Questions - User Permissions, Account Funds, & APIs

Answering Your Management Platform Questions - User Permissions, Account Funds, & APIs

We recently hosted a webinar and demo of our online portal for managing SSL and client certificates and received a bunch of great questions during the Q&A session. For those that missed out on the live broadcast, I wanted to share some of the topics we covered.


1. Can you explain how your user permissions are set? 

Our platform is based on the concept of profiles. Profiles contain the information about your organization that we verify and that will be used to issue your certificates.  For example, an Organization Validated (OV) SSL profile will include your organization's name and verified domain names. 

You can set user rights and privileges based on specific profiles, or, in the case of SSL, specific domains within a profile. This means if you have multiple divisions or subsidiaries under one account, you can easily set permissions at the profile level so each group can only access domains or profiles associated with that group. You can adjust which users can apply for, approve, renew, and revoke certificates and you can also require admin approval for all steps of the lifecycle.

2. How does your dollar-based system work?

While we offer pay-as-you-go and unlimited issuance options, the majority of our customers take advantage of our account balance feature. This allows them to keep a rolling balance of funds that they can draw from whenever they need to place an order.  Account funds can be used to purchase any type of certificate - SSL, authentication, S/MIME, document signing, code signing, mobile - either individually or in cost-saving license packs. The funds don't expire and you can choose to receive alerts if your balance drops below a certain amount.

3. Do your APIs work for all types of certificates?

Yes, we currently have an API for our SSL certificates and one for our client certificates (used for user authentication, S/MIME, document signing). We have detailed information about how to configure your system to use our APIs to automate certificate ordering and delivery.

If you are working in a Windows environment, we also have an Active Directory integration that will help you automate certificate enrollment and installation.

You can watch the full recording of the webinar here. You'll learn more about the benefits to using an all-in-one certificate management platform and see a demo of our platform and some of its unique features. Have questions about whether a management platform is right for you? Shoot us an email or let us know in the comments!

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