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Using Qualified Electronic Signatures to Mitigate Risk 

Let’s be honest, you might not consider an internal document as a risk and when you go to sign an important document, you probably use a simple electronic signature. But how can your organisation verify that’s it from you and not some unknown third-party? 

Qualified Electronic Signatures and Qualified Electronic Seals are ideal for any organisation that needs to ensure that documents are not only approved efficiently, but that they are signed by an authorised employee, and that they are legally binding. 

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Sign Internal Documents Efficiently and Securely with qualified electronic signatures solution

Sign Internal Documents Efficiently and Securely with Qualified Elecronic Signatures.

Our Qualified Signing Service (or QSS for short) reduces the complexity of signing processes internally, whilst remaining secure.  

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Allows an Enterprise or Service Provider to deploy qualified electronic signatures or seals into their existing signing application

Short lived certificates

Once trigged in the mobile app, a certificate has a short lifespan of 10 minutes

eIDAS Compliant

Qualified Electronic Signatures cannot be dismissed or denied admissibility as evidence and are suitable for the eIDAS regulation

Why is it Important to Secure Internal Documents With QSS?

Securing internal documents with Qualified Signatures or Qualified Seals can help improve and mitigate the risk for specific documents, contracts and tasks. The important thing to remember is a simple electronic signature will not verify who the document was signed by, but a Qualified Electronic Signature will.

Examples of when to sign with a qualified signature or seal:

  • Compliance –  internal process and policy documents for audit requirements 
  • HR documents – offers, contracts and disciplinary action
  • Financial documents – purchase orders, invoicing, payroll and cost sign-off
  • Legal – preparation and approval of customer documents such as mortgage offers, insurance, loan agreements, surveys 
  • Commercial – contract approval, finance and legal approval, department cost proposals 
  • Projects – internal stakeholder sign-off, workflow approval, launch agreements, project initiation 
  • Development – change requests, Q&A sign-off and go-live approvals 

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