IoT CA Direct

Secure device identities with globally trusted IoT digital certificates

The best way to operate and secure a device identity lifecycle management program is through a trusted, cloud-based commercial certificate authority (CA) using a PKI based IoT Identity Platform, that ensures scalable authentication and encryption success.

Self-manage device registration and enrollment.

While creating and managing an in-house PKI is no small task, we recognize that some companies still prefer to control their device identity management internally, using in-house resources for device registration and certificate management. Many however, still struggle to protect their device IDs with secure, scalable and globally recognized IoT device certificates. They need the accepted trustworthiness that comes from a globally trusted CA-backed digital certificate to establish and maintain a strong IoT certificate chain of trust.

Connect directly to GlobalSign’s IoT certificate provisioning engine.

GlobalSign’s IoT CA Direct integration to our IoT Identity Platform solves that challenge. It allows customers to connect directly, submit certificate signing requests (CSRs), and receive secure, valid, globally recognized digital certificates that they can then self-manage.

Customers use our IoT CA Direct RESTful API for faster integration, freeing up valuable resources for their internal software development and PKI management teams.

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