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Katsuo Chujo - Chief Revenue Officer – East

Katsuo Chujo

Chief Revenue Officer – East

Katsuo joined GlobalSign with a strong Marketing background from GeoTrust Japan where he held the position of Marketing Manager. Following the acquisition of GeoTrust by VeriSign in late 2006, Katsuo joined the GlobalSign Establishment Project and became one of the founding members of GlobalSign. At GlobalSign, Katsuo was appointed as the Marketing Manager for the APAC region where he played a key role in establishing brand identity and promoting GlobalSign’s products in the APAC region.

During his tenure as the APAC Marketing Manager, Katsuo increased the APAC market share to the second top tier which resulted in being recognized as the fastest growing CA in the region. Currently, Katsuo holds the positions of the Head of Sales and Marketing in the Eastern region (Chief Revenue Officer East).

Katsuo holds a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Chiba University and a MBA from California State University.