Cloud-based, Single Sign-On
& ID Management Service

TrustLogin by GMO GlobalSign

Switch to Single Password for Everything

TrustLogin is an Enterprise grade Cloud-based SSO (Single Sign On) solution for companies that allows users access multiple applications with one set of login credentials. It helps in eliminating the risk of password reuse, unauthorised access and compliance issues which lead to excessive reset and service desk requests resulting in cost overheads.

Over 20 years of experience as Global CA

Advanced features less than ₹100

More than 4,000 applications

99.9% of Up time

SOC 2- International security standard Certification

Fastest ID management, IDaas TrustLogin

Challenges enterprises face with identity and password management

Every employee has different Ids to access the web applications, intranet, and cloud applications, which more likely have the same password.
Reuse of passwords weakens the security, making data, applications and networks an easy target for the hackers. Implementing Single Sign-on
eliminates the security vulnerability and ensures convenient and efficient access of services in an increasingly mobile-driven world.

skuid problem 01

Employees' IDs and password management is excessively time consuming

Password reuse jeopardises security, making data, applications and networks, vulnerable. TrustLogin eliminates this security vulnerability and ensures convenient and efficient access of applications in an increasingly mobile-driven world.

skuid problem 2

No access controls to end-users have higher chances to attacks

Managing individual end users and their accounts by IP restrictions along with MFA protects from unauthorized access and attacks, leaving data, applications and networks.

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Reinforcing effective management structure for threat response

External network threats are constantly on the rise resulting in necessary real-time surveillance systems and provisions to trace the origin of potential threats.

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Integration with AD, internal and cloud-based applications

Easy and seamless integration with various business applications like Salesforce, Microsoft 365, Google Apps and Active directory with SAML based SSO service.

TrustLogin Offers World Class Features

An innovative solution for addressing ID & Password Management issues across organizations


Single Sign-On
Access multiple services with a single login, without having to remember numerous IDs & Passwords. Passwords are securely encrypted, and login takes place using SAML.

Publicly Trusted

ID Management
Enable centralized administrative control, such as registration of IDs for newly-hired employees or modification of registered information when an employee is transferred to a different department.

PKI-based Signatures

Access Control
Access to administrator to control the users and departments that are accessible to each application. TrustLogin ensures secure utilization of application with one more layer of Multifactor Authentication.

Easy to Deploy

Logs & Reports
Access to administrator to check the status of service utilization of employees. TrustLogin also records password change history and can be utilized to generate audit reports.