A simple, smart, secure & scalable cloud-based solution that streamline the document signing process

GMO Sign replaces manual document signing process and use of paper to sign and authenticate all types of documents and contracts. Join other organizations across the globe as they adopt GMO Sign and learn a novel way to prepare, send, sign, and manage documents and contracts.

  • Reduced cost with online contracts

  • Faster contract signing process

  • Efficient process and operation

  • Strengthen compliance

  • Ensures business continuity

GMO Sign lets you save up to 80% time and manual work usually spent on Document Signing

Reduced Cost with Online Contracts and Dual Signature Options

Reduces signing cost by providing dual signature options - e-signatures and AATL approved digital signatures

    Digital Signatures Electronic Signatures
Set Up Electronic Certificate Required
Pre-requisites for Counter-party

Obtaining electronic certificate

Evidentiary Power Assurance of integrity - Tamper Prevention



Security of personnel identification Personnel identification by Certificate Authority Email authentication
Strength of the evidence
Benefits Cost Reduction
Efficacy Improvement
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Secure Signature Options

Get legally compliant signatures, ensure integrity for all types of documents and contracts, and store them on a secure server.

  • PKI-based Digital Certificates from GlobalSign, world’s first Certificate Authority

  • AATL – Adopt Adobe-Certified Root Certificate

Standard method of printing, signing, scanning, and mailing paper documents takes more than 5 days from start to finish.

Faster And Efficient Document Signing Process

Reduce time taken to sign documents and contracts with multiple stakeholders within and outside the organization.

benefits of gmo sign
With GMO Sign, the document signing lifecycle process reduces significantly as the automated workflow-based signing streamlines the process and makes it more efficient
  • Automated document signing process
  • Improves business efficiency and experience for customers, employees, and vendors
  • Request signatures for any type of document in minutes
With GMO Sign, the complete document signing process is completed online. It leads to significant reduction in operating costs
  • No need to buy individual token for signing documents
  • Get rid of paper and reduce costs by eliminating tasks like printing, binding, posting, filing, searching, managing, shipping, archiving, searching of documents
  • Online signatures are valid in India and reduces stamp duty and postage costs for many types of documents
  • Cloud-based solution eliminates hardware costs related to storage, archiving and retrieval of documents
With GMO Sign, document signing process is streamlined and manual tasks such as preparing documents for physical signatures, posting the documents, tracking, binding, storing, archiving, can be completely avoided.
  • Reusable, customizable, unlimited Templates and Workflows
  • Real-time notifications for tracking document and workflows
  • Sign without an GMO Sign Account
  • Easier for vendors and partners outside the organization
  • Easy and customizable Admin rights


  • Send Signature Request

    • Completely Paperless
    • Online Process
    • Change Signer and signature order
    • Check real-time status of documents
    • Bulk document upload option
    • Guest Signing Options
  • Get Legal Signatures

    • Electronic Signatures
    • Digital Signatures
    • Handwritten Signatures
    • Seal Registration
    • AATL Certified
    • Signing Seal
  • Security and Support

    • IP address restrictions
    • Long-term certificate support
    • Time Stamp option
    • Client authentication
    • Audit Trails
    • Certificates issued by a global CA
  • Admin Management

    • Customizable Signing workflow
    • Ideal for internal, B2B and B2C workflows
    • Email and Push notifications
    • Real-time Document Tracking
    • Sign even without an GMO Sign account
    • Customizable Templates
    • Customizable rights for viewing or editing documents
    • Document list creation
  • Efficiency

    • Unlimited workflows and templates
    • Support bulk upload and provides real-time status of document and signing request
    • Timely reminders for signing and completion of workflow
    • Integrates with existing workflows and systems
  • Integrations and Cloud Storage

    • API Integrations


    • Standard Plan
    • Enterprise Plan


+91-11-41106000 or sales-in@globalsign.com

Everything You Need to Deploy Digital Signatures in
One Scalable, Cloud-based Service

  • Integration with document signing applications
  • Private Key Management and Storage
  • Compliance
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Cryptographic Signing Components (e.g., Certificates, OCSP, CRL, Timestamping)
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Individual or organization-level signing identities
  • Trusted AATL Member
  • PKI-based Signatures
  • Third Party Timestamping

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GMO Sign by GlobalSign is a cloud-based document signing solution that eliminates workflow complexities.

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  • AATL Compatible
  • N:N Services
  • Paperless Solution
  • Customizable Workflow