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PKI & Certificates Designed for DevOps

GlobalSign’s PKI for DevOps is a full-fledged PKI-as-a-Service offering built on our WebTrust-audited, fault-tolerant, reliable CA infrastructure - including hosted revocation services (CRL or OCSP), secure offline key storage, and hosting and management of dedicated or shared, public or private customer roots. Outsourcing your PKI to GlobalSign means developers have a single source to turn to for all certificate needs and are free to focus on core competencies. You can also leverage GlobalSign’s PKI expertise to ensure best practices and audit requirements are met, along with our world-class support and SLAs.

GlobalSign's PKI for DevOps is available via direct integration with our REST API or EST or via integration with HashiCorp Vault and Venafi as a Service.

Why Use GlobalSign PKI for DevOps? Meet DevOps & InfoSec Needs

DevOps teams need to acquire certificates quickly and easily, without having to worry about spinning up and managing internal CAs or relying on free services that don’t offer technical support services or uptime and performance SLAs. InfoSec teams need these certificates, and underlying PKI, to be resilient and in line with the latest crypto best practices to reduce the risk of breach, comply with regulatory PKI requirements, and meet corporate policy on crypto.

GlobalSign’s PKI for DevOps makes both sides happy by delivering cost-effective, hosted PKI and certificate services at DevOps speed. Providing DevOps teams with one standards-compliant, outsourced CA that can cover all certificate needs (e.g., private, public, flexible certificate templates, short-lived certificates) reduces complexity around certificate management and makes it easy to meet corporate policy set by InfoSec teams. Outsourcing to GlobalSign eliminates the need for internal crypto expertise and provides the support, SLAs, throughput and reliable PKI infrastructure DevOps teams need.

  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for internal PKI expertise, ongoing maintenance and associated costs
  • Enjoy a fault-tolerant, scalable SaaS CA based on GlobalSign’s reliable WebTrust-audited infrastructure that provides high-performance and uptime SLAs while also securing CA keys
  • Get standards-compliant revocation services—CRL, OCSP—so globally scalable and reliable revocation services are not expensive and time consuming​
  • Easily deploy publicly trusted certificates when needed (e.g., for web servers and external API integrations)
  • Ensure certificates and PKI components are up to date with best practices and meet regulatory frameworks, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA and NIST


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How to Access GlobalSign PKI for DevOps

Use GlobalSign REST API or EST

Integrate directly into GlobalSign's hosted PKI services via our REST API or our EST API.

  • Simple JSON style REST API makes integration quick and easy
  • Use our API client library, available in Golang , to directly integrate into your application
  • Safe and secure – we use mTLS authentication for our API clients, along with unique API keys and secrets for each account
  • Use our RFC 7030-compliant EST API from any available EST client or use our client
  • No need to store or archive certificates – all previously issued certificates are retrievable until they expire
  • Very fast turnaround times – 2 seconds or less from certificate request to retrieval
  • Command-line utility available to support other languages
  • Higher issuance speeds and burst rates available

GlobalSign PKI for DevOps Integrations

Venafi as a Service

Automatically provision GlobalSign certificates and leverage Venafi as a Service's advanced certificate lifecycle management and policy enforcement capabilities.

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Hashicorp Vault

Quickly and easily request digital certificates from GlobalSign while continuing to practice dynamic secrets management in HashiCorp Vault.

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  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for internal PKI expertise, ongoing maintenance, and associated costs
  • Increase certificate issuance volume & velocity with certificates delivered within 2 seconds
  • Eliminate the need to manage PKI in-house or rely on self-signed certificates