Automate Enterprise PKI

PKI is complex, mistakes are expensive – avoid the sunken costs with our cutting-edge Active Directory certificate management tool

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Enterprise businesses waste millions of dollars every year and don't even realize it

Between set-up costs, ongoing maintenance, training, and compliance, PKI is not something you want to get wrong. Auto Enrollment Gateway (AEG) is a turnkey remote work solution for medium- to large-size enterprises that affords your organization the control you want – without having to manage everything underneath.

What you need is a way to:

  • Automate tedious manual processes and drive digital transformation across the enterprise
  • Close security gaps in remote and hybrid work environments
  • Address challenges with BYOD and more easily add new devices to your network
  • Scale PKI so it grows with your company
  • Invest in a proven partner that has the resources and tools to support your business long-term

With AEG, GlobalSign is bringing 25 years’ worth of PKI expertise to your organization, so your IT can focus on their core competencies, rather than digital certificates and keys . As your trusted partner, we manage the security, high availability, and Certificate Authority operations, ensuring you meet SLAs and satisfy compliance audits, while limiting unnecessary risks involved with breaches and incidents, staff turnover, and costly compliance fines.

Outsource PKI management to a trusted third party CA

Reduce total cost of ownership for PKI

Support mixed environments, variety of use cases, public or private trust models

What is AEG?

If your company is using Active Directory to manage network users, devices and machines, Auto Enrollment Gateway (AEG) can manage your PKI – it’s that simple.

AEG is a robust certificate automation tool that acts as a direct gateway between Atlas, GlobalSign’s next-generation cloud Certificate Authority, and your Active Directory.

  • Manage encryption keys across your entire organization
  • Archive, Recover and Roam digital keys to prevent data loss and reduce redundancy
  • Set policies and scripts to automate tedious certificate management tasks
  • Use multiple certificate template types (Email Security, Client, Signing, SSL/TLS)
  • Effortlessly provision and install security certificates for your entire organization with Ready S/MIME

See how AEG works in this animated overview video.

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Introducing Ready S/MIME

Email security is at the forefront of any CISO or security professional's mind. A whopping 91% of all cyberattacks start with an email. As criminals become more cunning and use publicly available (and sometimes stolen) information to impersonate employees and even executives, it's never been more important to authenticate the sender of an email, as well as to secure the data contained within.

GlobalSign S/MIME certificates accomplish both, and with AEG's new Ready S/MIME feature it's never been easier to provision and install them across your entire organization. Whereas historically the obstacle to employing S/MIME was the time and tedium to install and manage them all at scale, AEG Ready S/MIME automates and scripts it all for you on Microsoft Windows Outlook, alleviating days of work and entire bottles of aspirin - freeing up your teams to focus on other endeavors.


How is AEG different?

Other certificate automation tools on the market may promise zero-touch or intelligent set-up – but there’s always a catch. Whether it’s expensive fees and add-ons, missing functionality, difficulties with integration, or even lack of CA throughput.

Our development team has designed AEG to address these issues in a single high-impact tool that pays for itself over one year.

Once it’s configured to meet your business goals, IT managers can use AEG to easily automate and manage digital certificates and keys across your entire organization, reducing the burden on staff and saving you time and money in the long-run. Plus, you'll have the support of GlobalSign, a globally-trusted CA and trust services provider with a proven track record and over 25 years of PKI experience behind us. 


Tell us what you need to do and we'll tell you how AEG helps you do it.

Automate PKI without running your own Microsoft CA, or replace existing resource-intensive implementations, and expand support throughout your mixed endpoint environment. Talk to GlobalSign today.

By requesting a demo, a GlobalSign Product Specialist will contact you.

  • Outsource PKI management to a trusted, third party CA
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by as much as 50%
  • Support mixed environments, variety of use cases, public or private trust models