Digital Certificates for the Modern Enterprise (SSL/TLS)

The tools, services and SSL products you need to secure internal and public servers, respond to threats, and control SSL costs

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We make it easy to discover, analyze, and manage SSL

  • Pre-vetted domains for instant certificate issuance​
  • Complete certificate lifecycle management​
  • Volume discounts and flexible business terms​
  • Free certificate monitoring and inventory tool
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Robust Range of SSL Assurance Levels​& Configuration Options

  • Extended Validation (EV), Organization Validated (OV), Wildcard, and Multi-domain certificates, with options to add up to 100 SANs​
  • EV SSL support for Certificate Transparency (CT) ensures the best browser UI experience​
  • Flexible Key Usage (KU) and Extended Key Usage (EKU) settings​
  • IntranetSSL supports internal server names and long validity periods for internal networks ​
  • Secure mobile and other devices with limited storage, bandwidth, and computation power with ECC certificates​
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Simplified SSL deployments and certificate management​

GlobalSign’s Managed PKI platform significantly lowers the total cost of ownership for SSL by reducing the man hours needed to manage certificates and offering volume discounts and flexible business terms.​

Instant Certificate Issuance​

Domains are pre-vetted so certificates are issued immediately on-demand

SAN Licensing Option​

Accommodate a changing server inventory by allowing up to a specified number of unique SANs across the active certificate inventory, enabling organizations to provide trial or short term certificates without​ impacting the bottom line

Delegated User Permissions​

Control who can issue certificates, what kinds of certificates they can issue,​ and to which domains they can issue

Simple Lifecycle Management​

Revoke, renew, reissue, or cancel certificates with the click of a button

Flexible business terms​

No need to purchase and track tokens or packs - choose to pay as you go, deposit account funds, or an unlimited certificate issuance license for an annual fee

Automate Deployments​

APIs, Active Directory integration, and ACME protocol support automates certificate provisioning and management

Discover and Track all SSL​

  • Find, monitor, and analyze all internal and public SSL Certificates from one location, regardless of issuing CA, including self-signed​
  • Avoid unexpected expiration with email reminders to renew​
  • Respond quickly to global threats like Heartbleed​
  • Keep up with best practices and industry compliance with the visibility into key length, hashing algorithm, and other certificate data​
  • Detect and remediate certificates that do not comply with enterprise policies on certificate configuration
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Certificate Features

GlobalSign offers a range of SSL options ensuring your public servers and sites are in line with industry best practices, but also offers cost effective-options for internal servers and special use cases. All domains are pre-vetted so certificates are immediately issued and available for installation.

  • SHA-256 hashing algorithm
  • Phone, Email, and Live Chat Support
  • Free Certificate Inventory Tool
  • Free unlimited reissues
  • Secure site seal (not IntranetSSL)
  • Unlimited server license
  • Compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices (not IntranetSSL)
  • Certificate covers and automatically
  • Multi-domain certificates - Add up to 500 Subject Alternative Names (SANs) on one certificate
  • Underwritten warranties
  • RSA 2048+ or ECC 256, 384 bit keys supported

SSL Certificate Types


Extended Validation SSL lends more credibility to your site and increases visitor trust by displaying prominent security indicators.

  • Promotes trust, and boosts customer confidence
  • $1.5 million underwritten warranty


Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificates are the core of GlobalSign's Managed SSL platform and are used to secure and authenticate both public-face and internal sites and servers.

  • Wildcard option secures unlimited subdomains for one or more domains on one certificate (e.g., *, *, etc.)
  • Wildcard SANs options allow Wildcard options within multiple SANs within a certificate
  • $1.25 million underwritten warranty

Intranet SSL

IntranetSSL provides a cost-effective solution for securing internal servers and applications. Since the certificates are issued using GlobalSign's non-public CAs, the certificates can be configured in ways that are not permitted under public hierarchies which must comply with the CA/Browser Forum Baseline Requirements

  • Eliminates the need to run your own CA or use self-signed certificates for special use cases
  • Issue SSL with internal server names, long validity periods (up to 6 years), and more flexible contents over publically trusted certificates
  • Wildcard option secures unlimited subdomains on one certificate (e.g., *
  • Can select from SHA-1, SHA-256, and ECDSA hierarchies and hashing algorithms

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