IoT Markets

Deliver IoT Security for every market vertical or IoT gateway.

We protect IoT devices by establishing strong device identities and protecting those identities, data and communication at rest or in motion. It’s an ideal fit for all Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things applications in virtually any market vertical or IoT Gateway.

Industrial Manufacturing – The IoT and IIoT (Industry 4.0) relies on sensors, actuators and other devices and endpoints to generate collectable data that can be monitored, gathered and analyzed to improve performance, reduce maintenance costs and deliver actionable business insights. Securing the devices, data and communications, ensures privacy and data integrity as well as protecting intellectual property.

Healthcare – When cyberattacks happen to medical facilities, medical services or medical devices they can be especially dangerous – to patients and health delivery organizations (HDOs) alike. Protecting the internet of medical things (IoMT) is necessary to eliminate serious risk including loss of personal data, physical harm or even death.

Semiconductor – Device identity at the chip level is the ultimate in security by design. Device identities embedded on chips, and purpose-built for IoT applications, protect data integrity and privacy of communication so IoT users – devices, people, systems, and networks can confidently operate without fear of compromise or attack.

Automotive – The use of IoT for automotive development and manufacturing is exploding as is the need to secure it. Whether for telematics, predictive maintenance or vehicle tracking, IoT security plays an increasing role in the automotive industry with the advancement of connected cars. We add security that protects vehicles, drivers and passengers.

Smart Grid – Unsecure devices, gateways and networks are fertile ground for hackers interested in causing city-wide disruption and possible system control. GlobalSign is actively involved with organizations working to secure IoT smart city efforts such as Wi-SUN Alliance, a global industry association for Wireless Communications Networks for Utilities, Smart Cities and IoT.

Agriculture – Using IoT as an integral part of smart farming management techniques supports modern day farming practices. Agtech practices such as environmental monitoring, greenhouse automation, equipment maintenance, and livestock identification and management can boost harvest yields, improve herd health and increase the overall quantity and quality of farm production while optimizing labor.

Construction – Construction technology offers big payoffs where asset management and tracking, environmental site monitoring, and fleet maintenance and management save time and money, reduce worksite costs, and improve worker safety. Protecting data of completed buildings and commercial real estate adds additional layers of savings from improved building maintenance.

Logistics – IoT streamlines the coordination of people, facilities, assets and supplies to improve productivity, reduce operational waste and enhance profits. This is helpful for asset management and fleet management and maintenance. Securing the assets, data and communication of devices and endpoints within a network protects sensitive information and deters attacks.

Gateways – Gateways across every industry connect IoT devices to the cloud to secure and protect data in transit. Whether to secure manufacturing production lines, automotive telematics or deterring smart grid hackers, device identity supported by a PKI-based identity platform is the right choice to secure gateways and ensure safe IoT communications.


5G – The greatest advantage of 5G is its support of data for the IoT, enabling unparalleled scalability and ubiquity of connected devices, including for the IIoT. We deliver PKI and CA services to help IoT device manufacturers provision identities for 5G connections, Carriers and MNOs secure their 5G core network, and Private Cellular Network Operators protect their dedicated networks.