GMO Sign eBook: Achieving Optimal Flow

How SMBs Are Saving Time, Money, and Stress by Digitizing Their Document
Signing Workflows

GMOSign_AchievingOptimalWorkflow_FeatureImage.jpgFor small and growing businesses, digital information gives them the power to move faster and make decisions more quickly with limited resources. This can mean the competitive edge smaller businesses require in tight markets. Whether it’s better understanding customer buying patterns or driving innovations, digital adoption makes a real difference for smaller businesses. In fact, a recent study by McKinsey notes digital insights and analytics can actually result in up to a 20 % growth in revenue for growing businesses. That’s a huge difference in determining market leadership.

And while a majority of business data is now electronic, some things never change. Even in the high-speed digital economy, most transactions still require a strong workflow and signature to seal the deal. What was once carried out via printer paper and fax quickly fell short once the digital universe exploded. The speed and efficiency of doing things the old way just wasn’t up to par.

There had to be a more enlightened way.

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