QWACs and QSealCs for PSD2

Meet PSD2 encryption, authentication, and data integrity requirements with GlobalSign qualified certificates

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Qualified Certificates for Website Authentication and Electronic Seals

The PSD2 Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) lists specific security measures that financial institutions and payment service providers (PSPs) need to comply with under the law. One core principle is common and secure communication between all parties involved. All transactions must take place over secured channels and ensure authenticity and integrity of the data.

Qualified certificates for website authentication (QWAC) and qualified certificates for electronic seals (QSealC) are specifically prescribed by the RTS for authentication purposes, especially because they meet the data integrity and encryption requirements. In addition, the EBA (European Banking Authority) recommends using both certificates in parallel to comply with these RTS measures. This ensures:

  • PSPs can identify themselves to financial institutions - both QWAC and QSealC authenticate the parties using the certificates
  • Secure encryption for communications between all parties ensures confidentiality and integrity - QWAC uses SSL/TLS to encrypt sessions and protect data in transit
  • All data actually came from the PSP identified in the certificate - QSealC identifies where the data came from and protects it from tampering

Qualified Certificates from GlobalSign

Qualified certificates can only be issued by a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) recognized under eIDAS. GlobalSign is recognized across all EU and EEA countries as a QTSP and has undergone the appropriate eIDAS conformity assessments in order to be able to provide qualified certificates for website authentication and electronic seals. View GlobalSign on the EU Trust List here.


Your benefits of choosing GlobalSign:

  • Public trust: GlobalSign certificates are publicly trusted, so PSPs won’t have to distribute trust anchors.
  • QWAC and QSealC: Use one vendor for issuing both types of certificates
  • Certificates for the whole of the EU: GlobalSign certificates can be supplied and used across all European countries
  • Local language support: We provide local language support across our regional EU offices
  • Established PKI vendor: GlobalSign has over twenty years of experience successfully implementing SSL/TLS and signing solutions

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  • Authentication towards ASPSP’s API
  • Ensures secure encryption for data exchange and communication.

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  • Authentication towards ASPSPs API
  • Prove origin of transmitted data and protect it from tampering.

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GlobalSign has been helping companies deploy certificate solutions for over 25 years and we’re here to help. Talk to us about how our qualified certificates can help you meet PSD2 compliance.

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  • GlobalSign is a Qualified Trust Service Provider
  • Create qualified electronic signatures and seals
  • Multiple deployment options for advanced electronic signatures and seals