eIDAS Use Cases

GlobalSign's range of qualified services have a wide range of applications across multiple industries

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Does your business have to meet eIDAS regulations? Do you want to ensure your customers know they can trust you?

Digital identities, signatures and seals can achieve both: they offer eIDAS compliance across borders and give reassurance to customers in a digital world. Safe electronic transactions open up new business opportunities and help you grow. With the promise of promoting digital business processes, eIDAS has a vast number of benefits for end customers and businesses alike.


Digital document signing in the transport industry

Supply chain management is all about ‘Just In Time’: having the right amount of goods to enable production but not have resources filling shelf space unnecessarily. Digital signatures can speed up incoming and outgoing goods by giving proof of delivery and dispatch within minutes, eliminating doubt over signatures and reducing waiting times even further.


One step ahead with digitally signed delivery and dispatch notes >

Identity Checks

Strong identity checks in the online retail sector

Online wine retailers have seen a surge in interest. But they risk selling to underaged children if identities can’t be ascertained. Digital identities eliminate this burden and provide strong identity checks for seller and buyer.


Enabling online business with strong identities >


A public cross-country tender

Public tenders allow suppliers to bid on projects in a fair and equal way. In the past this was often a very manual paper-heavy process, but with eIDAS this process is shifting to digital. With eIDAS compliant IDs and websites the players of a tender process are identified and with a digital signature a document is legally signed and tamper proof.


Streamlining and speeding up a formerly long tender process >

Online Tax

Paying your tax digitally

Submission time at the end of a tax year often ends with a crazy rush to get documents completed in time for the governmental deadlines. Luckily eIDAS allows you to submit your tax return digitally, whether you’re an individual or a company. With the right tools you can prove your identity and digitally sign your tax return.


Avoiding last minute penalties with digital tax returns >

Meet Advanced & Qualified Electronic Signature Requirements

Digital signatures by GlobalSign are legally admissible and help to meet compliance with eIDAS regulations. 

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Digital invoices have several advantages: getting the invoice to the customer quicker and thus being paid earlier, being able to show proof of delivery and acceptance, tamper proofing an invoice to avoid retrospective changes and saving time and costs by simplifying the process.


eIDAS invoicing for secure and tamper proof invoice management >


Signing contracts

Multi-signature contracts can be a burden to manage, especially with an increase in remote working. Digital signatures are the legal equivalent of handwritten signatures, but also guarantee that a document hasn’t been changed retrospectively. They speed up the process and allow signees in different locations to add their signature simultaneously.


Speedy and convenient document signing world-wide with added assurances >


Secure open banking

The EU has introduced the PSD2 to tackle fraud and malicious activities and increase security of online payments. FinTechs and banks now need to implement these requirements to support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and Common and Secure Open Standards of Communication (CSC).


Comply with PSD2 by using Qualified Web Authentication Certificates and Qualified Seals >


Qualified timestamping

Adding a qualified trusted timestamp to code or an electronic signature provides a digital seal of data integrity and a trusted date and time of when the transaction took place. Recipients of documents and code with a qualified timestamp can verify when the document or code was digitally signed, as well as verify that the document or code was not altered after the application of the timestamp.


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