Taking BYOD Too Far

How to adopt a practical BYOD policy and avoiding the pitfalls of striving for utopia

BYOD has been a growing concern for IT departments that doesn't appear to be going away any time soon. The opening up of all, or most, corporate resources to employees accessing the private network using personal devices may indeed increase productivity, however organizations must examine the trade‐off in terms of cost, privacy concerns, and IT distraction in doing so.

As with most security solutions, organizations should pause before jumping into implementing invasive, expensive, and all‐inclusive BYOD solutions and ask themselves, "does the investment I’m making in BYOD provide for a positive return?"

This white paper explains that certificate-based authentication may offer organizations the balance they're looking for in a BYOD solution.

In this white paper you'll learn:
  • Tips for developing a balanced BYOD strategy
  • How certificates can be a more cost-effective and employee-friendly option than MDM solutions
  • A sample scenario of using certificates to authenticate to a corporate GMail account using a mobile device