Hosted OCSP - Online Certificate Status Protocol

Add commercial grade capabilities to your internal PKI to ensure real-time certificate management, validation and revocation

The complexity, expense and expertise needed to establish, operate and maintain a highly-trusted, IoT Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) can be daunting. Some organizations find they need additional support to manage their on-premise PKI certificate databases, as well as validation and revocation services. GlobalSign’s hosted Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) service allows managers of locally-hosted PKIs to easily expand their capabilities with global, commercially trusted, WebTrust audited services.

Minimize operational expenses

IoT digital certificates can have extended validity periods that span months to several years, necessitating the establishment of certificate management, validation and revocation services that can extend beyond company acquisitions, employee turnover, and changing technology standards. Outsourcing these functions delivers real-time efficiencies without the exposure of financial, technology and personnel commitment.

Manage all types of certificates

Hosted OCSP is CA agnostic, so whether you provisioned your device certificates on an internal, locally-hosted PKI or obtained them from a Certificate Authority other than GlobalSign, all existing IoT device certificates can be accommodated and managed throughout their lifecycles.

Speed adoption and operation

A RESTful API speeds integration with your on-premise PKI. Certificates are stored in our secure certificate inventory. Cloud-based OCSP servers handle high volumes of concurrent users and OCSP responders push notifications to our content delivery network to reduce network latency.