GlobalSign Guest Blog Guidelines

The GlobalSign blog gets over 92,000 monthly pageviews and we’re always looking for brilliant contributors to join our ranks. If you have expert knowledge in any field around cybersecurity and you would like to share your expertise with a large audience then we’d love to hear from you.

What We Publish

We want to teach our readers about keeping their businesses safe and trusted online. We tend to skew our topics around Public Key Infrastructure, IoT and Identity and Access Management but that’s not all we care about. We also want to include more in-depth technical articles, high level executive content, thought-leadership articles, how-to guides and opinion pieces. We also cover a range of verticals from energy and utilities to law and even regulation and compliance.

We expect all of our articles to include the following:

  • Original concepts, compelling arguments and high quality writing. We do not publish anything that has already been published elsewhere.
  • A tone and style that accurately reflects that of our blog. Cybersecurity terminology and acronyms accepted as long as their full descriptions are also given.
  • Properly attributed data, quotes and statistics from accurate and respected websites. Wikipedia is not something we consider to be a reference! Try and include the original source.

They can also include:

  • Images, videos and interactive content. Don’t worry about a cover image but you can improve your blog with screenshots or descriptive images so if you have them, please send them along!

The Audience We Speak To

We understand that cybersecurity within a business is not just up to the IT department. In order to have a safe and secure business that can be well and truly trusted online, businesses must take a holistic approach to their cybersecurity strategy. As such, our blog speaks to a number of different personas within a business. Here are some of the main people we focus on:


For there to be any buy-in regarding cybersecurity strategy, we must first start with the c-suite. At this point we discuss the importance of cybersecurity, how weak security can impact a business, the long term benefit of cybersecurity and the value of investing in cybersecurity.

IT Department

Of course we also talk to the IT and admin teams. As a cybersecurity company, we want to provide in-depth and practical advice for IT employees of various levels.


In larger organizations, there will always be someone in charge of ensuring that the company is meeting regulatory standards set by a number of governing bodies related to their industry. We like to offer advice on cybersecurity policies and regulations as well as update employees on new regulations.

Privacy and Data

Data and privacy professionals are responsible for ensuring data integrity and safety in an organization. As a cybersecurity company, we want to help employees keep their customer data safe while also ensuring that they can use it within their business for analysis and improved performance.

The General Public

While we are not in the business of selling cybersecurity to the general public, we do understand the benefit that educating the public has on the overall safety of the internet. If we can help the public better understand and implement security solutions, we feel we have made steps towards a safer and secure internet.

Blogs We Don’t Accept

Blogs will not be accepted if they are:

  • covering topics that have been on our blog before,
  • too promotional for your company or organization,
  • offensive or inaccurate,
  • overly critical or negative about other companies or organizations,
  • attempted link-building or click-bait schemes.

How to Submit Your Post

Visit our guest blog submission page and fill in the form provided. If you already have a post written then ignore the box where we ask for suggested titles and when we get in touch you can submit your blog directly to us for review.

When you submit your blog to us, ensure you also submit a headshot at least 500 X 500 pixels alongside no less than a 100 word personal bio and 100 word bio for the organization you work for.