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GlobalSign Online event - Closing the loop: How to protect critical assets and communications

26 November 2020

GlobalSign will be part of the DTX Cybersecurity Mini Summit presenting the webinar: 'Closing the loop: How to protect critical assets and communications'

The way that we work has drastically changed.

Whether you were a seasoned pro at remote working or fresh faced to the challenge when the pandemic hit, you undoubtedly faced challenges on a scale not seen before.

The pressure also mounted as cybercriminals were quick to attack this golden opportunity of open networks, less vigilant users and weaker home security set-ups. Companies had to quickly improve their security posture and operations to guard mission critical assets.

In this new climate, strong and secure communication, that can be autonomously managed, is critical for protection.

As cyber security climbs to the top of many business agendas, this could be the push needed to increase focus on how we secure operations and assets for the future of work.

Join us to discover:

  • With remote working increasing the risk of asset and communication exposure, how can you secure your most important data?
  • What security principles are now essential in the remote environment: Are your employees following the right protocols to keep you safe?
  • The growing importance of authentication and how to get it right

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