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Six Reasons to Become a Channel Partner

Six Reasons to Become a Channel Partner

So, you want to be innovative and stay on top of such complex markets as cybersecurity… but the competition is tough. How do you take the next step? One of the best ways your company can achieve more is to consider becoming a channel partner with GlobalSign.

But what does that relationship look like?

Channel partners are companies that work with a manufacturer or vendor to help promote their products or services. Co-branding is fundamental and channel partners range from distributors, system integrators, managed service providers to value-added resellers.

An effective channel partner can be considered a key piece of the manufacturer or vendor's sales force. They're independent, but they market the products or services alongside those of their other vendors or their own solutions.

Different partner programs offer a range of benefits to both the vendor and the partner alike.  At GlobalSign, we have decades of expertise empowering partner success by becoming an extension of our team. Based on this successful track-record with partners, we believe most companies can realize six main benefits from becoming a channel partner:  

  • Full Suite of Products & Services
    Offering products and services from a number of different vendors enables channel partners to deliver to customers a highly diverse product portfolio meeting both the customer’s business and technology needs.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
    Delivering the latest technology products and services builds a competitive advantage. This is critical, especially in specialized areas like cybersecurity, including trusted digital signatures and authentication.
  • Advanced Expertise and Resources
    Channel partners have the power to access a vendor’s full range of human and financial resources - including technical support, product and market training, marketing assistance, co-opted funds, campaign templates and more. These “intangibles” go a long way towards building a larger market presence.
  • Lead Generation
    Many vendors continue to market products and services on their own, passing leads received onto channel partners for follow-up and potential new business. This is critical for the new business pipeline.
  • Increased Margin
    Depending on the amount of products sold, additional discounts and revenue opportunities can be achieved.
  • Market Credibility

Benefit from name recognition and reputation being associated with large vendors.  These established brands on co-branded marketing materials build credibility with potential customers – associating your business with well-known and respected brands. This might even generate new cross-selling opportunities, as well as give access to certifications and licenses previously unavailable.

While becoming a channel partner has many benefits, it’s important to understand each program is different. That means doing your homework, understanding the market, and establishing the right program for you. 

Here at GlobalSign, we offer a wide range of different programs to suit your business models and power client success. 

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Editors note: this article was published in 2019, but was reviewed in December 2022.

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