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Top 10 Cybersecurity Events and Why You Should Attend One

Top 10 Cybersecurity Events and Why You Should Attend One

Why create a blog article listing the top cybersecurity events to attend? Because conventions and conferences are fun! Where else can you gather people that share the same interest and expertise as yours while learning new things about the industry you belong to? Whether you’re interested in protecting your company or providing better security for others, cybersecurity events are your mecca of information and innovation. At various events throughout the year, tech enthusiasts, developers, inventors, engineers, pioneers, security experts and other great minds all share their knowledge and thoughts on how to improve cybersecurity in general.

But with literally hundreds of these happening worldwide, which one should you go to? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a small guide. So here you go, the cybersecurity events you should definitely check out. Prepare your travel budget and your conference kits.

RSA Conference

Upcoming Events: November 7-8, 2017 – Abu Dhabi; April 16-20, 2018 – San Francisco

We begin with the largest cybersecurity event in the world today. Focusing on the importance of safeguarding information, RSA Security have successfully hosted hundreds of events in its 26-year run. The events pull at least 45,000 attendees per year and invites major tech leaders to speak their minds. From blockchain and other latest tech to artificial intelligence and cybersecurity practices for kids, the annual RSA events cover a multitude of tech topics. Notable speakers include former MI5 Director General Dame Stella Rimington, Android Security director Adrian Ludwig and business magnate Bill Gates himself. The RSA Conference is an event where it’s impossible not to learn something new.

Black Hat Conference

Upcoming Events: December 4-7, 2017 – Europe; March 20-23, 2017 – Asia

The annual Black Hat Conference is where we discover new ways hackers can affect our lives. For 20 years, this event has always assembled the biggest names in cybersecurity, including security experts from corporations and security firms like Microsoft, FireEye and Kaspersky, and others. It’s a corporate cybersecurity event, but expect independent security experts and researchers to blow your minds with their insights and findings. In this year’s event alone, they were able to present an ultrasonic gun that can shoot drones midair and an exhibition on how hackers can control industrial robots from a distance. What can they possibly discover at their next event?

DEFCON Hacking Conference

Upcoming Events: August 9-12, 2018 – Nevada

Compared to other events, DEFCON has a more informal and social format. Starting in 1993, DEFCON has become one of the must-attend hacking events each year with over 20,000 attendees. What sets DEFCON apart is the inclusion of hacking games and competition, the most famous being the annual Capture the Flag contest. Two teams try to attack and defend computers and networks using various means of innovative programming. DEFCON also features debate panels among hackers that usually talk about the best way to hack a system. Be warned though, this event invites all kinds of hackers, so be sure to keep your phones and chip-embedded IDs safe.

Cloud Security Expo

Upcoming Events: March 21-22, 2018 – London

A rookie compared to other events, Cloud Security Expo is slowly growing into a must-see tech conference year after year, with over 19,000 attendees since its first show in 2016. The event is also touted as the world’s biggest independent cloud security exhibition, being able to gather online security giants like Trend Micro, GlobalSign, AVG Business, VMware, Avast to name a few. If you’re looking to create a strong cloud server for your company, get ready to learn from over 150 expert speakers as they share their knowledge and best practices on cloud security. Expect short presentations, trainings, tech exhibitions and a lot of networking throughout the two-day event.

SANS Summit

Upcoming Events: November 13-20, 2017 – Maryland; November 28-December 5, 2017 – Arizona

The SANS institute is a cornerstone of information security education and research since 1989. In 2008, they began hosting the SANS Summit where they offer various 30-45 minute presentations and panel discussions delivered by security practitioners from leading organizations. The SANS Summit has educated over 12,000 delegates in its nine-year run and if your company is looking to boost your cybersecurity knowledge, this event should be the one to watch out for. Learn all subjects you can think of, from industrial control systems to cyber-threat intelligence and security awareness to secure DevOps. The SANS Summit will definitely immerse you to the heart of every cybersecurity topic.

OWASP AppSec Conference

Upcoming Events: June 17-21, 2018 – Israel

The Open Web Application Security Project started hosting their own event in 2004 and since then, the annual OWASP AppSec Conference has been hosted in four major continents, including North and Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific. All in the name of making software security visible, the event offers various talks and training sessions ranging from securing and defending applications to managing security for large organizations. Just recently, OWASP AppSec added more activities which include recruitment fair, lock picking and escape room demonstrations, and even their own version of Capture the Flag. All proceeds of this event are used to fund the non-profit OWASP, which is pretty swell.

Infosecurity Europe

Upcoming Events: June 5-7, 2018 – United Kingdom

23 years and still going strong, Infosecurity Europe continues to be a main hub for tech practitioners and experts to talk information security. The event welcomes over 15,000 visitors and over 300 exhibitors each year, making it a huge networking opportunity for most companies. If you’re a brand new startup looking to make it big in the IT industry, Infosecurity Europe could be a good way to introduce your brand. The event has a dedicated area for rookie exhibitors called the Discovery Zone where innovative startups were first exposed. They also have a technical conference stream called the "Intelligence Defence" that focuses on the latest network vulnerabilities and how to counter them. 

World Cybersecurity Congress

Upcoming Events: March 27-28, 2018 – London

Another fresh face on our list, the annual World Cybersecurity Congress just started in 2015 and has consistently grown in scope since its novice run. The event’s unprecedented panel of over 100 speakers features security innovations in finance, retail, aerospace, education and national infrastructure, to name a few. Visitors can participate in interactive discussions and roundtables or be part of panels and the more intimate one-on-one sessions to build their network further. The highlight of the event features an exhibition floor full of new technologies and applications from aspiring and promising security startups and solution providers.

InfoSec World

Upcoming Events: March 19-21, 2018 – Florida

Considered “The Business of Security Conference”, InfoSec World has been a major IT event for more than 20 years. The event is produced by the MIS Training Institute, which should be enough to tell you they’re not messing around. They have trained over 200,000 delegates across five continents and it seems InfoSec World isn’t looking to slow things down. The event features dedicated summits, workshops, a tech showcase from leading tech companies and a world-class conference program spearheaded by the IT industry’s leading experts and innovators. Or if you’re looking for more networking opportunities, you can just head down to the Disney Resort with colleagues and invited guests.  

International Conference on Cyber Security

Upcoming Events: January 8-11, 2018 – New York

Closing out our list is the International Conference on Cyber Security (ICCS). Tech innovators from the likes of Dell, IBM and Noblis have participated in this global event for over seven years. The unique thing about ICCS is that it only occurs every 18 months, adding prestige and rarity to the event. Expect a slew of keynote presentations, panel discussions, networking opportunities and even a virtual lab presentation over the course of the 3-day event from over 60 notable speakers that tackles various disciplines of emerging technologies, operations and academic experiences. The ICCS panel even selects high quality international participants for possible publication in Scopus or Thomson Reuters indexed journals.

So which event are you looking forward to attend to? Did we miss your favorite? Learn more about GlobalSign’s next events by following us on Twitter @globalsign

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