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Partnering with Xage Security to Deliver Super-Strong Industrial IoT Security

Partnering with Xage Security to Deliver Super-Strong Industrial IoT Security

GlobalSign’s IoT solutions group is well known for securing device identities in industrial IoT (IIoT) ecosystems. Xage Security has developed a distributed IIoT security infrastructure.  So, when it came to integrating the best in CA-backed, PKI-based device identity with blockchain connected and protected industrial assets, it was a decidedly clear and smart decision to create a partnership.

Together, GlobalSign IoT and Xage Security deliver the ultimate in secure IIoT. The partnership illustrates the novel and successful combination of two distinct technologies and makes obsolete the discussion of blockchain vs PKI for IoT security. “It’s not about one right solution or the other,” said Nisarg Desai, Director of Product Management, IoT, GlobalSign. “It’s about how we can combine the best security functionality of each technology, in collaboration to offer a stronger, more secure solution for industrial settings”.

To secure the industrial IoT, Xage employs its unique blockchain-protected Xage Fabric to safeguard every device, application, and human connecting to industrial networks, from edge-to-edge and edge-to-core. With this partnership, Xage will be leveraging GlobalSign’s IoT Identity Platform for certificate enrollment, bringing additional enrollment capabilities to Xage’s distributed security fabric technology.

The strong and unique identities provided by GlobalSign’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-based solutions support Xage’s device discovery process, as well as device authentication and authorization for the company’s zero-touch, in-field device-to-application enrollment. The joint solution offers a converged and scalable method for identity management consistent with multiple standards and protocol guidelines including 802.1AR, Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), and IEC 62443. Together, GlobalSign and Xage address the unique device authentication and encryption challenges on the edge layer of today’s industrial operations and provide secure and scalable solutions that meet current and future IIoT security needs.

"Automatic certificate-based enrollment and enforcement in the edge is a major enabler for the delivery of next-generation highly automated machine-to-machine industrial operations,'' said Roman Arutyunov, Co-Founder and Vice President of Products, Xage Security. "With billions of devices being deployed, customers need this convenient, secure and multi-party way to deliver distributed management of identity and enrollment at scale."

“Xage’s mission to secure industrial operations aligns with the GlobalSign IoT philosophy to protect systems and services that operate at the edge,” said Nisarg Desai, Director of Product Management, IoT, GlobalSign. “Combining Xage’s in-field distributed security fabric with PKI-based certificate provisioning is a remarkable step forward and breaks new ground in IIoT security practices. Working closely with innovators in the space like Xage makes perfect sense.”

Companies no longer need to choose between blockchain or PKI, when they consider securing their industrial, connected devices and systems. The GlobalSign IoT and Xage Security partnership delivers super strong industrial IoT security, affording companies a new opportunity to capitalize on the best of both technologies.

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