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New Integration Guide Helps Customers Enroll Their IoT Devices to the AWS IoT Core Cloud Service

New Integration Guide Helps Customers Enroll Their IoT Devices to the AWS IoT Core Cloud Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a global leader in cloud computing, providing on-demand platforms that are reliable, scalable and affordable. Both AWS IoT, which offers cloud services for industrial, consumer and commercial solutions and AWS IoT Core, which according to their webpage, “… is a managed cloud service that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices” offers IoT manufacturers and operators a broad range of crucial cloud services.  It is no surprise then, that GlobalSign customers want to connect their IoT devices to the AWS IoT Cloud with Just in Time Registration (JITR). 

Like all cloud services, AWS requires device authentication to the cloud with valid identity credentials. As proof of identity, AWS accepts X.509 digital certificates, which are provisioned through a public key infrastructure (PKI) associated with a Certificate Authority’s root of trust. Sometimes that digital certificate is provisioned through the AWS Certificate Authority. Other times, customers need more control over the features of their PKI and want to use GlobalSign advanced provisioning capabilities to issue certificates for their devices connecting into the AWS IoT Core cloud.

GlobalSign’s AWS IoT Integration Guide helps developers quickly integrate GlobalSign’s flexible IoT Identity Platform. This guide walks developers through the process, step-by-step, to reduce integration challenges, save time and help them bring their product to market faster. In it, we share process and code samples so customers can facilitate their integrations and employ their GlobalSign X.509 digital certificates as valid identity credentials. 

GlobalSign’s IoT Identity Platform and IoT Edge Enroll device enrollment software provide those credentials with identity provisioning and identity lifecycle management for devices or endpoints. Across the supply chain, from factory to in-field deployment, our IoT Identity Platform enables each device or endpoint to enroll and receive a unique device identifier via an X.509 digital certificate, a strong device identity that can be authenticated by AWS IoT Core. 

The complimentary GlobalSign/AWS IoT Integration guide is available as a PDF download

PKI is has become the de-facto standard credential for IoT identity Management. GlobalSign’s PKI-based IoT Identity Platform and IoT Edge Enroll are highly scalable, capable of issuing over 3,000 certificates per second and millions per day, ideally aligning with the high-volume AWS IoT Core’s scalable ecosystem. Customers eager to test a proof of concept (PoC) with low volume certificate issuance and then rapidly scale to thousands or millions of certificates in full production, will find the GlobalSign and AWS integration a smooth path to success.

This solution guide provides concrete guidance for our customers looking to enroll their devices to AWS IoT Core with GlobalSign X.509 digital devices. 

Download the integration guide now and get a jump start on AWS IoT authenticated device enrollment.

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