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GlobalSign and DocuSign: Giving Your Signatures Super Identity Powers

GlobalSign and DocuSign: Giving Your Signatures Super Identity Powers

As the need for digital transformation is growing so is the need for trusted digital signatures. Whether you are looking to decrease the time and resources spent on printing and signing documents or you’re looking for a way to keep business moving when you’re not in the office, you want assurance that any signatures applied are legally accepted and held at the highest level of digital trust. 

That’s why GlobalSign is proud to announce its partnership with DocuSign, one of the most widely used eSignature solutions in the market. Together, we’re helping businesses improve their efficiency, eliminate the need for paper-ridden processes, and ensure they’re meeting the highest standards and regulations. 

GlobalSign is a publicly trusted Certificate Authority (CA) that supports regions and languages on nearly every continent. Along with simplifying document signing workflows through their intuitive and easy-to-use platform, DocuSign users can now benefit from higher identity assurance for all their critical document signing needs via Digital Signing Service (DSS) from GlobalSign. The cloud service from GlobalSign  takes care of all the cryptographic components securing your signature behind the scenes – so although there’s no change to your signing workflow in DocuSign, the end result is a super identity powered signature and all the benefits that come with it.

In today’s world, where remote work is becoming the norm, digital signatures have never been more important. Adding a GlobalSign trusted digital signature to documents through DocuSign is as easy as clicking a button, yet the level of security that signature provides is powerful. Signer identity validation, content integrity, timestamping, and non-repudiation are just a few of the features you’ll have access to. 

GlobalSign signatures also meet the requirements of national and industry-specific electronic signature regulations, including US ESIGN, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, US State Professional Engineering (PE) Seals, eIDAS (advanced signatures, eSeals), HIPAA, and more. Think of it like this: With GlobalSign and DocuSign working together, your signatures just got a serious turbo boost. 

To learn more about the GlobalSign and DocuSign technology partnership, be sure to check out our datasheet.

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