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Cyber Attacks on the Rise – Global Channel Partners to the Rescue!

Cyber Attacks on the Rise – Global Channel Partners to the Rescue!

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the economy and business operations since social distancing and other mitigation measures went into effect in March. It hasn’t helped that cyber criminals have used the general commotion around COVID-19 to launch an ever-increasing number of online threats and attacks. In fact, CNBC recently reported that “hackers are using the disruption created by the coronavirus pandemic to target people and steal personal information from them by posing as trustworthy figures.”

The technology industry is acutely aware of its role in the coming economic recovery. The split between channel professionals seeing growth and declines is the difference between those using legacy versus future proofed technology solutions. Over the next several months and into the recovery, the channel will likely see a drift toward technologies and services that align with post-pandemic needs – but you need to act now to meet those demands.

Channel to the Rescue

Every day the impact of cyber attacks is seen around the world, but now more than ever governments, leading global brands, small businesses, and innovative start-ups in all industries are feeling the pain. The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported a fivefold increase in cyber attacks, and urges extreme vigilance by businesses and consumers alike.  

So it comes as no surprise that some businesses feel they are losing their competitive edge, customer confidence, and market reputation as a result. Many more have some level of naivety that it will never happen to them. But through smartphones, social media, ecommerce, and other means, we are all willingly and unwillingly sharing more personal information on the internet. When any aspect of digital security is relaxed it jeopardizes all personal information – credit cards, bank accounts, email accounts, etc. The whole identity is at risk.

Secure identity services are necessary to protect business and consumer endpoints (machines, laptops, email, servers, mobile and other devices), whether for encryption, secure email, authentication, or code and document signing. Now is the time for the channel to come to the rescue of affected businesses and their customers with an end-to-end Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) offering. 

Leading the Way for a More Secure Future

What if there was an “Everything-as-a-Service” cloud-based solution that could provide the end-to-end security that today’s world demands? One that you could easily offer within your portfolio of solutions to customers? There is. GlobalSign makes PKI and digital certificate management easy for any channel partner. You get the benefit of partnership and using our nearly 30 years of managed PKI expertise and technology that provides automated, high-volume, high-scale identity management. 

Why the Channel Needs a Reliable Certificate Authority Partner

Channel partners are vital for cybersecurity now more than ever as there are millions of businesses around the world, from small startups to mid-market and large enterprises, looking for identity solutions for their remote workforces. These businesses span countries, cultures, and industries and there is no easy way for one company to establish and maintain relationships with all of them directly.

All companies want to focus on innovating and growing their business and therefore need to rely on trusted relationships with channel partners to help address their needs. With the demand for cybersecurity on the up, and industry growth – and hacking! – continuing to rise, our goal at GlobalSign is to offer our PKI solutions to businesses all around the world. Our Channel Program is continuously growing to gain further geographic reach, in both emerging and established enterprise markets. 

GlobalSign has long enjoyed successful collaborations with a variety of partners, as it isn’t always possible to understand all markets, cultures, and requirements around the world ourselves.  We want to extend that reach even further by building a bigger partner community to better serve our customers and your customers. GlobalSign’s Channel Partner Program is designed to help our partners drive revenue growth by utilizing our PKI identity security solutions and adding them to your offerings; helping you to meet your customers’ needs during these critical times.

GlobalSign’s solutions, brand, and industry expertise are known across the globe. By partnering with GlobalSign, you are connected to a global organization with a strong reputation.

Who is the GlobalSign Partner Program For?

As a Certificate Authority and PKI solutions provider, we look for partners that do more than just sell products. We recruit committed channel partners that can provide what customers demand and need. GlobalSign Channel Partners need to be ready to invest in learning and leveraging PKI cybersecurity innovation, whilst building services and value around complementary technologies. 

Our programs are designed to help Channel Partners achieve this by capturing the digital security market in their local regions through integration and marketing of GlobalSign’s range of Managed PKI solutions. We have dedicated programs for Service Providers, Enterprise, Regional Partners, System Integrators and more.

Which Solutions Are Available?

Our range of online identity solutions include web and server security, digital identities for secure email, documents signing and multi-factor authentication, as well as automated and managed deployment solutions. 

We make innovative and leading solutions available to you, but we don’t stop there. We will provide all the training, sales, and marketing tools to help you make the most of the partnership.

How Do I Become a GlobalSign Partner?

Becoming a partner with GlobalSign is easy, and we invite you to register for more information and a discussion. We welcome you to our Partner Program web pages for further details and/or to request a call back with one of our Channel Team Specialists to discuss further. 

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