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2017 a Year of Growth and Innovation, Sets the Stage for a Strong 2018 for GlobalSign

2017 a Year of Growth and Innovation, Sets the Stage for a Strong 2018 for GlobalSign

While 2018 is getting underway, we’re taking a brief walk down memory lane to review some of GlobalSign’s accomplishments in 2017.

2017 was an important building year for GlobalSign. Not only did the company launch and update several products and services, we also significantly grew our IoT partner ecosystem.

On the products and services side; in February, GlobalSign announced a major update of our Auto Enrollment Gateway (AEG). AEG coupled with our cloud-based Enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (EPKI) platform delivers greater IT efficiency and cost savings by automating certificate lifecycle management in mixed enterprise environments. Enterprises rely on PKI to securely communicate and exchange data, but as the number and variety of endpoints within an enterprise continues to grow, new concerns have emerged over whether PKI can handle these new ecosystems without becoming a burden to manage. AEG addresses these concerns by creating a fully automated and managed PKI solution that touches virtually every endpoint and centralizes all certificate activity across an enterprise with a virtually transparent user experience for most use cases. Ease of integration with Microsoft Active Directory makes AEG the ideal solution for enterprise certificate needs.

In June, we unveiled our new Digital Signing Service, which completely changed the way Trusted Digital Signature capabilities can be added to any document workflow solution by eliminating implementation barriers and lowering cost with a cloud-based offering. GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service is cloud-based, highly scalable and API-driven to seamlessly integrate with commercial and custom document workflow solutions – eliminating the need for additional on-premise or hosted security hardware (HSMs) and providing publicly trusted and Adobe (AATL) compliant digital signatures.

Then in September GlobalSign launched CloudSSL, which enables companies to better manage their SSL/TLS requirements. In addition, CloudSSL allows SaaS providers to build SSL into their existing offerings and make security easy for their customers, eliminating the need for them to understand and manage SSL certificates themselves. The automated and scalable certificate provisioning and management capability significantly reduces the burden on providers’ internal support teams. CloudSSL also supports wildcard certificates – the ideal solution for SaaS providers hosting or managing multiple sites or pages existing on the same domain.

On the IoT security front, GlobalSign continued to build on its CA heritage, and added the capability to issue more than 6,000 certificates per second. We believe that only GlobalSign can deliver a high value service to meet the scalable certificate volume needs of the IoT.

GlobalSign also collaborated throughout the year with many semiconductor and security-focused companies on a number of partnerships and test bed projects in the Industrial IoT space to help create an expanding ecosystem, which we’re very proud to be a part of.

We were also particularly excited when, in October, The Wi-SUN Alliance announced it selected GlobalSign to be the CA services provider of choice to its 170+ Wi-SUN Alliance member companies worldwide. Device certification is critical for The Wi-SUN Alliance, as every device connected to its Field Area Network (FAN) must include a certificate to authenticate its entry and verify that the device has not been tampered with.

2017 was a year of continued growth for GlobalSign with both the enterprise portion of the business, as well as our burgeoning IoT solutions group. We are very enthusiastic about 2018 as we look to build on our existing business, as well as seek out new paths. We have many exciting projects in the pipeline addressing security needs, especially in the industrial IoT sector, that will enable us to leverage our 22-year history as a leading, trusted Certificate Authority. Here’s looking forward to another year of success! 

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