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Top 10 Reasons to Choose GlobalSign

Top 10 Reasons to Choose GlobalSign

The GlobalSign website is replete with an abundance of business and technical reasons for choosing us as your one-stop PKI solution partner. What some security officers and administrators have pointed out is the need for a page or PDF that spells out simply the top five business and technical reasons for choosing GlobalSign.

So here we are. Enjoy!

Top 5 Business Reasons

1. GlobalSign is an Innovator in PKI

  • Through unique innovations around automation, GlobalSign allows any size enterprise to reduce security costs and increase staff productivity.
  • GlobalSign focuses R&D investments on improving the digital certificate ecosystem and user experience. Our innovations include simplifying how enterprises migrate from in-house CAs to the cloud, automating certificate installation with high value at high volume, and bringing the security benefits of PKI to all endpoints, including mobile and IoT devices.
  • GlobalSign innovations led to Frost & Sullivan recognizing GlobalSign as the winner of both the SSL Certificate Product Line Strategy Award and Customer Value Enhancement Award.

2. GlobalSign is a 20-Year PKI Industry Veteran

  • GlobalSign is one of the internet’s original identity bureaus, having issued our first digital certificate in 1996.
  • We now provide SSL security to over 250,000 domains around the world, processing and accelerating billions of validation requests every month.
  • Thousands of GlobalSign customers worldwide include the largest retail company in the world, the largest telecoms provider and many of the largest automotive companies.

3. GlobalSign’s 5-Star Customer Service 

  • GlobalSign’s Client Services team is dedicated to helping each customer every step of the way, and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer-centric reputation.
  • GlobalSign has offices around the world, offering local support in over a dozen languages. We view ourselves as your security partner, not a vendor, and we set high standards for product consultation, solution planning and customer onboarding. We use the Net Promoter Scoring system to maintain a culture of continuous improvement within the entire organization. See our 5-star Ratings Reviews.

4. GlobalSign Supports the Internet and Business Community with Adherence to Security Standards and Best Practices

  • GlobalSign is a proud and long-standing member of the most critical, standards-driven bodies and organizations, including the Certificate Authority Browser (CA/B) Forum, the Certificate Authority Security Council (CASC), the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and compliance with the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE)
  • GlobalSign maintains operational security best practices, with our infrastructure and operations audited annually by Ernst & Young.
  • GlobalSign is WebTrust certified since 2001, the second longest in our entire industry. Our certified services are delivered via a robust PKI infrastructure with global data centers, disaster recovery, redundancy, high availability and world-class instrumentation protecting the network.

5. GlobalSign is Easy to Work With

  • GlobalSign offers volume discounts to all managed PKI platform customers, with flexible business terms and licensing options to accommodate your SSL/TLS needs, including unlimited issuance plans, SAN licensing, “Pay-as-you-go,” and bulk deposits. There is no need to purchase tokens or certificate packs and no charge for hosting, setup and no user fees.
  • GlobalSign allows you to manage certificates and users from multiple business entities under one account. With multiple "profiles," organizations can centralize locations or sub-organizations under one umbrella account for complete centralized management of all your certificates, facilitating management, billing and flexible use of funds for everything.
  • GlobalSign offers further flexibility with user roles and privileges that can be established based on specific profiles, or even a domain within a profile, allowing you to control which staff members can apply for, approve, renew, and revoke certificates. Our simplified vetting and issuance process allows organizations to instantly issue certificates with a click of a button from vetted profiles. You have the option to sync certificate expirations to avoid lapses in coverage and you can run detailed reports on all activity, including spending and renewals.

Top 5 Technical Reasons

1. GlobalSign is an Enterprise and Service Provider of PKI Trust and Security Enablement:

  • Automation - Active Directory integration, Mobile Device Management connectors, SCEP and ACME protocol support, and Mac Enrollment automate deployments for mixed environments.
  • Management a cloud-based Managed PKI platform that centralizes all certificate, user, and billing activity.
  • Integration - flexible APIs to automate certificate lifecycles into existing workflows.
  • Service Provider Enablement - offers a competitive advantage and differentiates your services with identity and security solutions while freeing you from technical burdens, enabling encryption by default for a more secure and safer Internet and customer experience.

2. Strong Endpoint Identity:

  • Address critical device security concerns including authentication, privacy and integrity. GlobalSign’s highly scalable Managed PKI solutions can issue and manage identification and authentication credentials via the cloud, enabling enterprises to build and deploy a robust and strong endpoint identity strategy into their ecosystems.

3. Web Server/User Security and Authentication:

  • Prove your public and private sites and servers are legitimate, protect data submissions and provide the best browser experience with the strongest SSL/TLS available. Private hierarchies, internal, and special use-case certificates support dynamic server environments to ensure critical networked communications and services remain secure and uninterrupted.
  • Implement strong authentication without burdening end users with hardware tokens or applications and ensure only approved machines, devices and users can operate on corporate networks.
    • Mobile device authentication with support of BYOD (bring your own device) and secure corporate devices with mobile PKI, SCEP support, and integrations with popular MDM/EMM platforms, including AirWatch and MobileIron.

4. Digital Signing for Email, Documents, Code and More:

  • Digitally signing and encrypting all internal emails mitigates phishing and data loss risks by clearly verifying message origin so recipients can identify legitimate versus phishing emails and ensuring only intended recipients can access email contents.
  • Trusted Digital Signatures replace wet ink signatures and create a tamper-evident seal to protect your intellectual property and integrate into existing automated document workflows so the entire process stays online, significantly reducing costs and timelines.
  • Code Signing Certificates assure end users that code is legitimate and comes from a verified source, while protecting code from tampering and the threat of malware injections.

5. Custom Subordinate / Issuing Certificate Authority Services:

  • GlobalSign offers the technology, services and support to help you create a custom public or private issuing Certificate Authority for your enterprise, hosted and maintained by GlobalSign, the leader in Enterprise PKI.

For more information on how to best tackle enterprise PKI, feel free to contact any of the GlobalSign PKI experts.

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