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GlobalSign win a Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award

GlobalSign win a Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award

The certificate market is a highly competitive one, with only a handful of top certificate authorities in the world. GlobalSign is very proud to be one of them. It’s not every day you are acknowledged for your hard work, so when it does happen, you want to shout about it.

We are proud to announce GlobalSign has won the Frost & Sullivan Best Practice 2022 Global Competitive Strategy Leadership Award!

As one of the world’s leading analyst firms, Frost & Sullivan has recognized us for our leadership in the TLS certificate marketplace with this award, and with more than 25 years in the certificate business, we couldn’t be more pleased. But why did GlobalSign win?

  • We are a trusted Certificate Authority (CA)
  • We provide innovative Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security and digital identity management technologies
  • We provide a premium user experience

There is a full report from Frost & Sullivan Best Practice team on why we won the award, which is available to read here.

Trusted Certificate Authority (CA)

Did you know we are the world’s longest operating CA? In fact, we have been in business for over 25 years providing services and solutions to thousands of companies worldwide.

According to Frost & Sullivan, GlobalSign’s TLS Certificates offer the strongest encryption and value-add features to our customers. Millions of them have been issued over the years. By utilizing our TLS certificates, our customers can be confident their website is protected. Their visitors also have confidence they are browsing a site that is safe, and that their payment details and personal information are kept secure and encrypted.

But how do we provide innovative PKI security and digital identity management technologies?

Atlas for PKI Automation

Our global team of experts deliver multiple products and services based on PKI technology managed from our highly secure cloud environment, one of the most critical and core being our Atlas platform. With Atlas, GlobalSign automates complex PKI tasks that would otherwise be costly and time consuming. With a well-documented lack of experienced cybersecurity professionals worldwide, and millions of new identities being created each year, the always-burdened enterprise IT and security teams that once relied on other on-premise PKI solutions, now require an automated platform for PKI like GlobalSign’s Atlas.

In the accompanying report to the award win, Frost & Sullivan’s Swetha Krishnamoorthi, Senior Industry Analyst, Cybersecurity notes; “GlobalSign offers a cloud-based certificate lifecycle management (CLM) platform, Atlas, which ensures high scalability, throughput, and availability for certificate issuance. With the help of automation, Atlas empowers IT teams to flexibly manage and authenticate a broad array of identities – users, machines, IoT and mobile devices, and servers”

Download the full report

Channel Growth and Industry Expertise

Our growing channel partner base is enabling GlobalSign’s technology to be used by more companies worldwide. And, in addition to our support team spread throughout five countries, GlobalSign is also increasingly using AI-powered technology to provide improved customer service.

GlobalSign is also an active player in the CA/Browser Forum, enabling us to stay on top of, and involved with, critical issues within the certificate industry.

And while it is not mentioned in Frost & Sullivan's recent report, what is also part of GlobalSign’s success is the growth of our Digital Signing Service. We are seeing vigorous growth this year with millions of signings taking place each month. This is no surprise considering remote and hybrid workforce trends. We strive to be the number one cloud-based provider of digital signings due to our superior PKI technology.

All of these efforts are what has kept GlobalSign an active participant in the certificate marketplace since 1996. It is our intention to continue to innovate and provide PKI services and 24/7 global support to our customers as needed, no matter where in the world we operate.

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