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Industries Where Managed PKI is a Perfect Fit

Industries Where Managed PKI is a Perfect Fit

What we can learn from the string of data breaches of past years is that cyberattacks affect everyone, from individuals to large organizations alike. Despite this, only 56% of companies in the entire APAC region have an overall information security strategy. While the number of prepared companies are high, they’re not high enough to secure everyone’s data online.

Harnessing the power of digital certificates serves as the first line of defense against cyberattacks. A service like Managed PKI can centralize everything and make certificate management a lot easier. Below are some of the industries where Managed PKI can help make a difference in terms of online security.

Financial Institutions

One thing every cybercriminal wants more than anything else is money. It’s only natural for these hackers to target financial institutions in hopes of scoring a huge heist. Last year, the number of cybercrime attempts increased as hackers struggle to penetrate e-money systems, capital management funds, and even online casinos, these hackers will target anything that stores digital currency. Aside from money, hackers are also looking to target banking credentials and other financial information. Financial institutions could use innovative services like Managed PKI to provide encryption for banking websites, apps, and emails. And since hackers also started targeting smaller finance firms, improving the cybersecurity of every bank and finance firm should be considered priority.

Health Service Providers

Aside from helping patients with their medical conditions, health service providers should also work hard in keeping patient records private. Phishing attacks are quite popular among health institutions. Cases like last year’s phishing attack on the largest health provider in New York and the attack on medical machines by Orangeworm completely encapsulate the importance of online security in the health industry. As Palo Alto Network’s Sean Duca put it, “Healthcare organizations need to ensure they are always updated on new security measures, and change their mindset from a reactive approach to a prevention-based approach instead, akin to how they remind patients that prevention is better than cure.” Managed PKI can help change the cybersecurity status quo in the health industry.

Law and Legal Institutions

Legal professionals should be the first one to recognize the importance of online privacy. A recent 2016 study found that over 66% of law firms reported a breach of some kind, regardless of severity. The study also found that an average of 10,000 intrusions happen every day to law firms both large and small. And worse, 40% of law firms were breached without them even knowing it. An infamous example was the breach of law firm Mossak Fonseca wherein 11.5 million documents amounting to almost 2 TB worth of data were stolen, exposing the private data of all their clients and leading to the resignation of various political personalities worldwide. Every law firm should start thinking about the importance of cybersecurity, and a service like Managed PKI provides a good foundation for that goal.

Government Agencies

Government agencies process sensitive documents on a daily basis, documents that can directly affect a nation’s overall quality of life. So when a government agency suffers a data breach, everyone will be affected with no exceptions. Singapore experienced this first hand as their Ministry of Defense experienced a major breach that exposed the personal data of 850 authorized personnel that can be used to access government facilities. In fact, security experts have determined that cyberattacks in the entire Southeast Asia have the same threat level as terror attacks that the region has recently experienced. Government agencies should upgrade their cybersecurity in every angle possible, and Managed PKI can help them cover the unpredictable online environment.

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