IoT Partner Programs

IoT Partner Program Benefits

GlobalSign offers programs to both IoT technical partners as well as organizations who are building their own IoT products and solutions. Our solutions work across verticals, such as Industrial, Manufacturing, Automotive, Energy, and Consumer, with proven standards-based technical foundations in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Identity solutions.

Security expertise from a partnership with GlobalSign
Low cost access to PKI and IAM services
Ability to scale security services as your solution moves out of POC into production
Visbility through co-marketing activities and on GlobalSign's POC web properties
Build competitive differentiation through strong security and identity implementation
Technical integration with GlobalSign provides standards based PKI interoperability

Why Partner with GlobalSign

GlobalSign uses its PKI & IAM experience and technology to build high-volume, high-scale identity management solutions for the billions of devices, people and things comprising the Internet of Everything. GlobalSign meets the evolving needs of the IoT:

Support for managed private CA & publicly trusted models
Low barrier to entry with minimal CAPEX
Ability to issue thousands of certificates per second
Support a variety of authentication methods and use cases
Support a number of unique crptographic and certificate features