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A healthy and secure IoT ecosystem is stronger with strategic partners who innovate and collaborate. As a trusted device identity partner, GlobalSign teams up with other top IoT companies to protect internet security and device endpoints. GlobalSign and our technology partners foster success for our mutual customers.

Gain instant security, credibility and trust in your IoT chain

Our digital certificate services, built on a highly-scalable, PKI-based IoT Identity Platform and integrated with modern RESTful API options, are backed by our established and trusted GlobalSign Certificate Authority. We're a safe, authoritative link in the IoT chain of trust that IoT developers, system integrators, device manufacturers, and network and gateway providers rely on.

Build competitive advantage with innovative IoT technology

We actively collaboration with our partners to spur innovation, extend their in-house capabilities, and deliver successful outcomes. We share our proven security expertise, integration resources and IoT security thought leadership with our partners to:

  • Identify emerging IoT technologies that advance IoT security worldwide
  • Contribute insights on proof of concepts
  • Determine the best methodology of provisioning a digital identity for each IoT device, network, or gateway within its unique IoT architecture
  • Deliver a secure IoT solution for customers, optimized for their IoT ecosystem
  • Actively market our mutual successes with co-branded collateral and initiatives

Who is the program for?

  • Cloud and IoT Platforms providing secure device connections and networks for their customers
  • Network and gateway providers needing to secure their IoT ecosystems
  • IoT systems integrators delivering packaged IoT solutions to their customers with sensors or endpoints working in fog or edge computing
  • Device manufacturers adding digital identity during manufacturing or programming
  • Industry Standards Boards, Alliances or Consortiums responsible for researching and introducing IoT security guidelines

IoT Technology Partner Benefits

  • Innovate your IoT security integration process
  • Provide standards-based PKI interoperability
  • Reduce integration costs with proven methodologies
  • Mitigate risk and ensure compliance with a holistic approach to enterprise Device Identity Lifecycle Management
  • Extend capabilities with GlobalSigns’s expertise and resources
  • Share your expertise to deliver broader, IoT security-based solutions
  • Experience collaborative growth

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