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Michiari Kanno - CFO – Chief Financial Officer

Michiari Kanno

CFO – Chief Financial Officer

Mr Kanno is the Group Chief Financial Officer for GlobalSign and oversees all financial aspects of the GlobalSign companies.

Mr Kanno sits on the board of GMO GlobalSign HD, and overlooks five GMO GlobalSign HD subsidiary companies. He became involved with GMO Internet Group in 2003, when he joined Isle Inc, a GMO company, as the newly appointed Head of Business Planning and was responsible for the company's financial planning and reporting as well as being a key member of the management and strategy team.

Prior to joining the GMO, Mr Kanno was an Accountant with Deloitte Tohmatsu, specialising in and practicing Financial and IPO Consulting. During his tenure with Deloitte Tohmatsu, Mr Kanno was involved in taking three organizations public. Mr Kanno is a Certified Public Account and graduated from Keio University’s Department of Accountancy in 1995.