Integrated Identity and Security
Solutions for Cloud-Based
Service Providers

In this “encrypt everything” era, end users have come to expect encryption as a basic website property. SSL/TLS Certificates to secure web transactions and S/MIME Certificates to protect email communications are no longer nice-to-haves and users are turning to their CDNs, eCommerce platforms, Application as a Service (AaaS) providers and hosting companies for solutions. To meet this expectation, while providing accessible, user-friendly options, service providers need automated, scalable certificate solutions that integrate directly into their existing platforms and services.

Why build security into your service?


Enable Encryption by Default

Taking the responsibility away from customers to opt in and
instead including it as standard within your offering helps
create a more secure, safer Internet for everyone

customer experience

Improve Customer Experience

Offer a superior user experience by keeping your
customers in your platform rather than pushing them to
another vendor for their security needs


Free Customers from Technical Burdens

Removing the burden of technical knowledge and
certificate management from your customers allows
them to focus on growing their business


Gain a Competitive Advantage

Stand out from the competition by not just bundling security
services into your existing offerings, but by seamlessly
integrating them

Build security into your service with
GlobalSign's Certificate Services

GlobalSign’s Certificate Services support the scalability, volume, velocity and reliability needs of
Cloud- based Service Providers, such as CDNs, VDNs, eCommerce platforms, Application as a Service
(AaaS) providers and others in the cloud computing and hosting industry.



Range of licensing models
accommodate small to large
businesses with High Volume
Certificate Services for large
deployments and future growth



GlobalSign’s end-to-end
provisioning process is fully
automated and requires
little to no customer



Issue up to millions
of certificates per



Highly tuned parallel
infrastructure, which can
issue up to 2,000
certificates per second



Multi-use and multi-domain
certificates to combat
impeding IP shortages
due to massive growth

Shopify deployed SSL to 200k +
customer sites in one week

Shopify, a leading ecommerce platform provider, wanted to seamlessly integrate SSL into its existing services to ensure all transactions on customer sites were secured, but without relying on merchants to understand, order and manage SSL Certificates themselves. Customers are able to get everything they need for their online store directly through the Shopify platform, while Shopify retains complete control over the user experience.

Due to Shopify’s sizable customer base, they needed a Certificate Authority that was capable of issuing certificates at an unprecedented volume and speed, with the ability to scale to accommodate future needs. GlobalSign’s Certificate Services were a perfect match.

By using GlobalSign's Certificate Services, Shopify is able to:

  • Gain a competitive advantage by integrating SSL into existing services
  • Improve user experience by eliminating the need for customers to understand and
    manage ssl
  • Control user experience by keeping customers within the Shopify platform, rather
    than sending them to other vendors to acquire SSL
  • Provision thousands of certificates per day to accomodate business growth

Why Partner with GlobalSign?


As a Certificate Authority for 20 years, we have extensive industry expertise and embedded trust, providing validated ID's through Digital Certificates. We’ve supported multiple successful high-velocity (hundreds of thousands of certificates in short periods) SSL/TLS-as-a-service deployments.


We pride ourselves on our support, with a globally-distributed, multi-lingual tier 1-3 customer support and verification team, a Sales Engineering organization for integration projects (available on site if needed) and SaaS service descriptions and Service Level agreements on reliability, velocity, as needed.

Scalability and Velocity

Whether you are an established high volume brand or a young innovative solution, we offer scalable and cost effective models to suit Service Providers of all sizes. With GlobalSign's High Volume Certificate Service, you can issue up to 2,000 certificates per second.

Flexible Licensing Models

We work with you to customize a solution that best fits your needs, whether they are technical or financial. Our flexible licensing enables you to choose the most optimal way to implement our hosted Certificate Service.