Private Networks

Add additional security for VPNs, Gateways, WiFi Networks, and more.

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Control Internal and External Access to Corporate Resources

As the corporate perimeter continues to expand, protecting high stakes data residing within the private network has become increasingly imperative. Identifying which users have access to particular resources only partially addresses the security challenge. Organizations must also implement measures to strongly identify both individual and machine users residing both internal and external to the network.

Implementing strong authentication using Digital Certificates issued from GlobalSign’s Managed PKI platform provides organizations a cost efficient and easy method to implement two-factor authentication to resources accessed internally by users and machines, as well as externally by remote users. Control which users and machines can access your networks and resources via VPNs, Citrix Gateways, WiFi networks, and applications without the need for tokens or other additional hardware.

Benefits of Certificate-based Authentication

  • Prevents unauthorized access and enhances current security
  • Seamless experience for end user
  • No additional hardware (e.g., tokens) needed
  • Cost-effective and scalable for organizations of all sizes
  • Certificates easily managed in GlobalSign's Managed PKI platform