On-demand SSL/TLS for service providers and cloud applications

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CloudSSL for XaaS and Cloud Applications

CloudSSL is an SSL/TLS distribution service designed specifically for providers of cloud-based services, such as CDNs, VDNs, eCommerce platforms, website builders, and other XaaS, that need to secure services or communications for large enterprise customers.

The Technology Behind SSL/TLS as a Service: CloudSSL

Businesses are faced with a world of uncertainty. That’s why so many choose to align with valued service providers for key functions such as cloud, storage, and recovery. Answering customer demand for more effective identity and security solutions, providers can now empower their customers and their business through GlobalSign solutions.

  • SSL distribution built for service providers
  • Provide SSL without draining internal resources
  • Make SSL easy for end users
  • Flexible certificates designed for cloud deployments

Helping navigate complex security environments, service providers can now incorporate GlobalSign CloudSSL into existing offerings - meaning customers don’t need to manage certificates. Provisioning and management is fully automated, easing demands on internal customer support teams.

Tapping into the power of CloudSSL, customers and providers can access:

Flexible certificates designed for cloud deployments.
Dynamic SAN addition and removal meets changing customer requirements without significant cost or investment.

One easy-to-use management platform.
GlobalSign CloudSSL makes it simple – eliminating the burden of certificate management and complex installation.

Automated provisioning for long-term scalability.
Provisioning and management can be fully automated – making management and deployment simple for internal teams.

How CloudSSL Works

With CloudSSL, certificates are issued directly to service providers at the Organization Validated (OV) level. Customer domains are added as Domain Validated (DV) SANs after the domain control verification - enabling providers to secure multiple domains with one certificate and reducing requirements for additional IP addresses.

Built on a Subject Alternative Names (SAN) licensing model, each certificate can accommodate 500 SANs – so providers can dynamically add or remove domains via APIs. Licenses for removed SANs are re-used without incurring additional expense. Sub-domains can also be added without additional validation.

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