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Ensure your DevSecOps pipelines are secure with a fast and reliable CA service

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What is DevSecOps? 

DevSecOps stands for Development Security Operations.

Progressing from the DevOps approach that put security at the end of the process.
DevSecOps integrates automated security within the process allowing the DevOps
 workflow to continue without delay. 30% of respondents in CNCF survey faced
security as a challenge in DevOps.


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What are the Challenges Facing DevSecOps?

Securing containerized environments

CI/CD pipelines automate everything, and with automation comes the challenge of needing to secure container infrastructure with digital certificates.

The need for speed and clarity

DevSecOps teams need to instantly secure tools and applications, whilst having clear visibility and control over the issuance of certificates, without delays to the process.

Not everyone is a cybersecurity expert

Software needs to be secure, up to date and compliant to prevent disruptive outages. This is a specialized workstream that requires specific skills and time.

Automate your DevOps Pipeline with GlobalSign

Venafi as a Service

Automatically provision GlobalSign certificates and leverage Venafi as a Service's advanced certificate lifecycle management and policy enforcement capabilities.

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Hashicorp Vault

Quickly and easily request digital certificates from GlobalSign while continuing to practice dynamic secrets management in HashiCorp Vault.

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Leverage GlobalSign's Atlas - ACME integration to automate your certificate management request.

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GlobalSign provides High Volume Certificate Issuance REST API’s for all DevSecOps needs. These API’s can be used by Developers to issue Certificates for their Containers, Pods, Clusters, Ingresses, Servers without any delay.

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GlobalSign integrates with many DevOps tools to manage certificates, anything from securing pod-to-pod communications using Kubernetes clusters, using TLS to secure Ingress resource, or using Hashicorp Vault to secure secrets. We provide DevOps teams with one, standards-compliant, outsourced CA that covers all certificate needs.

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Ready to secure your DevSecOps pipeline?

DevSecOps challenges can be overcome by integrating digital identities. GlobalSign can help you get started with your certificate lifecycle management. Talk to us today!

  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for internal PKI expertise, ongoing maintenance, and associated costs
  • Increase certificate issuance volume and velocity with certificates delivered within 2 seconds
  • Eliminate the need to manage PKI in-house or rely on self-signed certificates