IoT Partner Program

Experience collaborative growth with a strong partner

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A healthy and secure IoT ecosystem is stronger with strategic partners who innovate and collaborate. As a trusted device identity partner, GlobalSign teams upwith other top IoT companies to protect internet security and device endpoints. GlobalSign and our IoT partners foster success for our mutual customers.

Two IoT partner levels to choose from

Choose the right level of participation for you, your organization and your customers. Industry Consortia, standards-boards, and IoT alliances and organizations may prefer our IoT Collective Alliances program. Semiconductor chipand device manufacturers, IoT platforms, cloud service providers and IoT systemsintegrators may find our IoT Technology Alliance program a better fit. The IoTPartner Program is a separate program from of our Global or Certified Regional Partner Programs.

Gain instant security, credibility and trust in your IoT chain

Our digital certificate services, built on a highly-scalable, PKI-based IoT Identity Platform and integrated with standards-based, RESTful API options, are backed by our established and trusted GlobalSign Certificate Authority. We're a secure,authoritative link in the IoT chain of trust

Innovate your portfolio

Benefit from our insights and advancements as active thought leaders. We assist with products, integrations, and final production launches. We contribute insight on proof of concepts, all while relying on our proven, standards-based PKI interoperability.

Build competitive advantage with innovative IoT technology

We actively collaborate with our partners to spur innovation, extend in-house capabilities, and deliver successful outcomes. We improve secure-by-design best practices and IoT security.

Experience collaborative growth

Our partnerships market our mutual successes with co-branded collateral to spread the word about our success stories.

Who is the IoT Partner Program for?

  • Semiconductor manufacturers looking to gain competitive advantage by including device identities on chips to secure the entire downstream supply chain
  • IoT device manufacturers looking to secure their own technology stacks anddevices for regulatory compliance
  • IoT device operators, network and gateway providers looking to ensure only authenticated devices enter their supply chain
  • Cloud service providers looking to facilitate their customer’s device enrollment to their service
  • IoT systems integrators delivering packaged IoT solutions with sensors or endpoints working in fog or edge computing
  • Consortia, Standards Organizations, Alliances or Associations relating to the IoT or secure connected devices

IoT Technology Partner Benefits

  • Innovate your integration model
  • Reduce integration costs with proven methodologies
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Secure your IoT ecosystem
  • Expand marketing reach and visibility
  • Promote IoT security best practices•Become an industry insider