5G for IoT by GMO

Identifying Devices, Securing the Core and Protecting the Network


Scalability and Security

Most would agree that speed, massive capacity, and super low latency are the top benefits of 5G. GlobalSign however, believes that the greatest advantage of 5G is its support of data for the IoT, enabling unparalleled scalability and ubiquity of connected devices, including for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

But what is scalability without security?

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IoT Device Manufacturers Provision Identities for 5G Compatibility

IoT Device Manufacturers eager to enable 5G connections of their devices upon deployment, look to device identities for security. Manufacturers of 5G equipment rely on automated PKI for authentication, scalability and certificate management.

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Telecom Carriers and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) Secure the Core

Migrating from 4G to cloud native 5G adds Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to cellular networks. 5G’s new framework introduces the concept of microservices to the core network. This service-based architecture necessitates adding Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) backed by a globally trusted Certificate Authority (CA) to secure those connections. And while mobile phones will likely continue to use SIM cards for identity, IoT devices are best secured with certificate-authenticated identity delivered by PKI.

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Private Cellular Network Operators Protect the Network

Private cellular networks deliver more security and wider range than Wi-Fi networks, making them ideal for the IoT and Industrial IoT. Operators of private networks such as telecom carriers, MNOs and other private network providers also need PKI backed by a globally trusted CA to secure their networks that connect to the cellular infrastructure.


GlobalSign’s IoT Identity Platform delivers the requisite PKI experience and CA trust models necessary to unlock 5G’s IoT potential. We’re working with players in the cellular industry to make the transition to 5G a smooth and secure one.


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