Digital Signatures with Adobe Acrobat Sign Integration

The easiest way for employees to create legal, publicly trusted digital signatures in your company's Adobe Acrobat Sign workflows

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Cloud-based Digital Signatures Within Adobe Acrobat Sign

Digital signatures provide greater assurance and security compared to other types of un-standardized electronic signatures with features including signer identity validation, non-repudiation, document content integrity, and third party timestamping.

GlobalSign makes digital signatures accessible to companies of all sizes via a seamless integration with Adobe Acrobat Sign and partnership with the Cloud Signature Consortium. GlobalSign's document signing certificates are compatible and automatically trusted by Adobe Acrobat Sign (and other Adobe programs), making it easy for organizations to provide signing capabilities to their employees.

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How It Works


GlobalSign’s cloud-based Digital Signing Service is directly integrated with Adobe Acrobat Sign. This means organizations using Adobe Acrobat Sign can easily acquire certificates from GlobalSign (after identity verification processes are completed) and create signatures that will be automatically trusted within the platform.

The cloud-based service handles all the cryptographic components needed to deploy digital signatures (e.g., signing certificates, timestamping, key management, OCSP and CRL services) behind the scenes; there is no development time or resources needed from the Adobe Acrobat Sign clients.

  • Build trusted digital signatures into Adobe Acrobat Sign workflows
  • Sign with individual or department-level identity
  • Use Active Directory and other enterprise authentication systems to validate employee signing identities
  • All crypto components included – signing certificate issuance, timestamping, etc.

GlobalSign Cloud Digital Signatures

GlobalSign’s cloud digital signature solution means organizations using Adobe Acrobat Sign receive all the benefits of digital signing – signer identity validation, content integrity, trusted timestamps, non-repudiation – without the need to manage any physical hardware or build any custom integrations.


Meet the requirements of national and industry-specific electronic signature regulations, including US ESIGN, FDA CFR 21 Part 11, US State Professional Engineering (PE) Seals, eIDAS (advanced signatures, eSeals), HIPAA, and more

Publicly Trusted

As a member of the Cloud Signature Consortium, Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL), and Microsoft Trusted Root Certificate Program, GlobalSign digital signatures are automatically trusted by Adobe Acrobat Sign and other leading programs

PKI-based for Stronger Signatures

Digital signatures provide greater assurance compared to other types of electronic signatures and support signer authentication, non-repudiation, third party timestamping, and document integrity

Easy to Deploy

GlobalSign's Digital Signing Service is already integrated with Adobe Acrobat Sign, making it easy for Adobe Acrobat Sign clients to add digital signing capabilities to their existing workflows

Third Party Timestamping

All digital signatures applied with GlobalSign document signing certificates automatically include a trusted RFC 3161-compliant timestamp

Cloud-based Service

All signing components are hosted and maintained by GlobalSign, so there is no hardware to invest in or maintain and no internal cryptographic needed


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