Mozilla Code Signing Certificates

Code Signing for Mozilla

Show that your Mozilla and Netscape are from a trusted developer. Digitally Sign Mozilla and Legacy Netscape Object Files

GlobalSign Code Signing Certificates for Mozilla and Netscape Objects are used to digitally sign Mozilla XPI packages for Firefox and Thunderbird and files for Netscape Objects.

Signing code is beneficial to both you and the end user. You benefit by protecting your code from tampering and building your reputation as a developer, while your end users enjoy peace of mind knowing the application they are downloading is safe and comes from a verified source.

In order to sign applications to distribute through the app store, or to pass through Mac OS Gatekeeper, you must use an Apple Developer ID Certificate.

Why Sign Code?

Add an essential level of trust to the application installation process. The solution is simple – Sign your code!

Unsigned Code

When end users install Mozilla or Netscape software they are warned to only install add-ons from authors that they trust. When code is not signed, it is impossible for them to know the true source and if it is trustworthy.

Signed Code

Signed Mozilla and Netscape software shows the publisher name right on the install screen so end users can easily decide if they trust the source and continue with the install.

Featured Benefits

  • Removes "Unknown Publisher" security warnings when code is downloaded
  • Signature does not expire due to timestamping service, even after the certificate expires
  • Choose the private key storage option that works best for you - a GlobalSign-provided cryptographic token, your own HSM, or Azure Key Vault
  • Sign an unlimited number of apps
  • Protect your brand and reputation
  Standard Code Signing Certificates Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificates
Certificate Features
Information displayed in Certificate Organization Name Organization Name
Organization address
Type of Organization
Removes "unknown publisher" security warnings
Signature does not expire when Time Stamping is applied Time stamping available & recommended Time stamping available & recommended
Sign an unlimited number of applications
Compatible with major platforms (Authenticode, Office VBA, Java, Adobe AIR, Mac OS, Mozilla)
Key storage options - Cryptographic USB token (included)^
- HSM*
- Azure Key Vault
- Cryptographic USB token (included)^
- HSM*
- Azure Key Vault
Immediate reputation with Microsoft SmartScreen No
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*GlobalSign allows standard and EV Code Signing Certificates to be installed on customer HSMs or in Azure Key Vault. Contact us for more information about these deployment options.
^USB token not included in HSM or Key Vault deployments.