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Highly Scalable GlobalSign Certificate Issuance for DevOps with Venafi as a Service

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GlobalSign's PKI for DevOps with Venafi as a Service

GlobalSign and Venafi now have integrated solutions to deliver a seamless way to overcome DevOps certificate challenges. Together, the GlobalSign - Venafi Solution for DevOps delivers certificates to secure everything from traditional infrastructure to modern application infrastructure such as containers and microservices.

The integration provides easy access to GlobalSign's hosted PKI services, eliminating the most common PKI challenges facing DevOps teams, including the need to build and manage CAs and supporting services (e.g., OCSP, CRL) in-house, and ensures everything is in line with current PKI best practices.


Overcome DevOps Certificate & PKI Challenges

  • Automate provisioning and lifecycle management via integrations with containerization, orchestration, configuration management and secrets management tools used within DevOps CI/CD pipelines and workflows
  • Standardize API and CA infrastructure to meet corporate policies and work across development, test, staging, and production environments
  • Eliminate the need to create and manage internal CAs or use self-signed certificates
  • Ensure private keys of root CAs and intermediate CAs are adequately protected and all PKI components meet the latest best practices and regulatory frameworks

Why use the GlobalSign and Venafi solution for DevOps?

Venafi as a Service certificate policy management and enforcement combined with GlobalSign highly scalable PKI services enable organizations to improve security, boost productivity and comply with regulatory frameworks with just a few lines of code. With this integrated solution, you can safely scale cryptographic resources by standardizing and automating the entire certificate process.

  • Support DevOps use cases with ultra-high speed certificate issuance (delivery in 2 seconds)
  • Strengthen security by standardizing CA infrastructure and proliferating the usage of trusted GlobalSign certificates
  • Leverage existing DevOps tools or the Venafi API to secure modern application infrastructure and enable end-to-end encryption
  • Prevent outages by gaining visibility into certificates in use, tracking expiries, and automating renewals
  • Automate certificate management for 100’s of applications with the Venafi ACME server
  • Speed up development with programmatic policy-enforced certificate procurement and installation
  • Outsource PKI to GlobalSign’s WebTrust-audited operation to remove burden on internal teams
  • Improve security posture by securing infrastructure as it is spun up

Get Started Today!

With Venafi as a Service and GlobalSign, you can now automate the procurement and installation of trusted digital certificates within continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to secure DevOps workflows and support digital transformation. To get started, please register for a Venafi as a Service account, as well as a GlobalSign account. From there, support and documentation will be made available to get you up and running.


Please contact Venafi or GlobalSign for any questions on how to get started:
Venafi: 1-877-266-5159 or
GlobalSign: 1-877-775-4562 or

Request Your GlobalSign PKI for DevOps Account Today!

Once submitted, an expert will verify your account and any special requirements, then help you integrate with Venafi as a Service (by requesting more information, a GlobalSign Product Specialist will contact you).

  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for internal PKI expertise, ongoing maintenance, and associated costs
  • Increase certificate issuance volume and velocity with certificates delivered within 2 seconds
  • Eliminate the need to manage PKI in-house or rely on self-signed certificates



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