USB Token & Smart Card Authentication

Authenticate users to corporate networks & resources using USB tokens & smart cards


Control Access with Token-based Authentication

Two-factor authentication to networks using certificates stored on USB tokens or smart cards reduces the risk of breach compared to relying on passwords alone. Using a physical device to store authentication certificates provides the added protection of storing the certificate's private keys on tamper-resistant tokens, meaning the cryptographic operations are now isolated and insusceptible to any attacks on the operating system.

GlobalSign's Auto Enrollment Gateway allows enterprises operating in Windows environments to leverage existing information in Active Directory to instantly issue certificates to USB tokens or smart cards. Using Windows Certificate Services, when users log onto their computers for the first time, they are automatically issued certificates based on their group policy assignment and the certificates are automatically installed on the token or smart card.

Benefits of GlobalSign's Token-based Authentication Solution

  • Enhance existing security measures - stronger than passwords alone
  • Cryptographic operations are protected and separated from attacks on main operating system
  • Active Directory integration allows automatic certificate enrollment and silent installs
  • No involvement needed from the end user
  • Scalable and cost-effective and for organizations of all sizes